Supporting aseptic environments

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has launched its first ever product range designed entirely to support aseptic environments: Hygienox.
The range, which has been more than two years in research and development, brings together furniture and equipment specially designed for ultra-sterile manufacturing spaces where ISO 14644 is front of mind.  All products in the range have been specified to support environments where effective particle management and contamination control is critical, supporting efficient risk management.
All Teknomek products are built to be long lasting. But with a thorough understanding of the rigorous cleaning processes involved in ultra-sterile environments, the Hygienox range of furniture is designed to be futureproof. Because harsh sterilisation methods have become standard in pharmaceutical and micro-biological manufacturing environments, Hygienox products have a range of intelligent design and specification features to mitigate the risk of rouging or tiger stripes while reducing contamination risk and supporting improved clean down productivity. 
“Harsh cleaning chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide can reduce the lifespan of furniture built from 304-grade stainless steel,” says Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek. “Hygienox furniture is manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel because it is more robust against pitting and crevice corrosion by chemicals.”
In addition, the stainless steel used in the furniture has a 0.3 Ra finish so is ultra-smooth. Chemicals can pool on coarser surfaces if not thoroughly removed with IPA wipes and, over time, the trace amounts of these chemicals will corrode, stain and contaminate the passive layer of the stainless steel.
“The ultra-smooth finish we have opted for in all our in-house manufactured products means furniture is easier to clean,” continues Sue Springett. “In addition, the lower surface roughness of the steel allows for fewer microscopic grooves where harsh chemical cleaning fluids can lurk and corrode the furniture. “The ultra-smooth finish is also less abrasive; preventing friction between furniture and any surfaces it may come into contact with, such as gloves or equipment. Any abrasive contact could cause particles to be released into the atmosphere and pose a risk to hygiene.”


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