Ultra-sterile tables

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has launched its first ultra-sterile Hygienox table range.

Created specifically for A & B Grade cleanroom environments where compliance with ISO 14644 is critical, Hygienox tables from Teknomek are manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel as standard, offering customers the ultimate in future-proof, hygienic equipment.

In bringing the new range of Hygienox tables to market, Teknomek has responded to customer demand. “Our customers have told us they need specialist products that support aseptic environments where effective particle management and contamination control is critical to support efficient risk management,” explains Sue Springett, commercial manager. “With our new range of Hygienox tables we have addressed every concern raised and exceeded the ISO 14644 Class 5 standard to provide a superior product."

Meeting ISO 14644 standards now means using higher concentrations of chlorine and increased use of hydrogen peroxide.  Hygienox tables have a range of intelligent design and specification features to mitigate the risk of rouging or tiger stripes while reducing contamination risk and supporting improved clean down productivity.

“Harsh cleaning chemicals can reduce the lifespan of furniture built using 304-grade stainless steel, leading to surface corrosion and even rust,” continues Springett. “Hygienox tables are manufactured from 316L-grade stainless steel because it is more robust against pitting and crevice corrosion by even the harshest of chemicals.”

In addition, the 316L stainless steel used in Hygienox furniture has an ultra-smooth finish. Chemicals can pool on coarser surfaces if not thoroughly removed with IPA wipes and, over time, the trace amounts of these chemicals will corrode, stain and contaminate the passive layer of the 304 stainless steel leaving tiger stripes. “The ultra-smooth finish of our tables means they are easier to clean,” says Springett. “The lower surface roughness of the steel allows for fewer microscopic grooves where harsh chemical cleaning fluids can lurk and corrode the furniture. The ultra-smooth finish is also less abrasive; preventing friction between furniture and any surfaces it may come into contact with, such as gloves or equipment. Any abrasive contact could cause particles to be released into the atmosphere and pose a risk to hygiene.”

As well as the materials used, it is the fact that all Hygienox cleanroom furniture is designed with obsessive attention to detail that makes these tables noteworthy. For example: the easy clean design features open, hygienic corners; no overlapping joints, unnecessary lips or double returns, and the use of tubular braces to minimise horizontal surfaces where particles can rest and multiply. The tables are welded and then sealed with cleanroom grade non shedding silicone, with every weld pickled and polished to remove any burn marks. Also, Hygienox feet have no exposed threads to trap corrosive cleaning fluid, with feet designed to avoid marking the floor. For mobile Hygienox tables, castors have been specially commissioned to include a chemical resistant polypropylene wheel inside a 316-grade stainless steel body to ensure no corrosion. 

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