Latest mop solutions launched

Redditch Medical, a supplier of the InSpec brand, has launched a new range of mop solutions designed to improve mopping processes within the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

The range consists of three product groups: the Mop Pod; burstable mops; and pre-impregnated mops. All three mop solutions contain the same high quality microfibre mop heads. As proposed in the Annex 1 draft, there is an increasing regulatory need to ensure controlled processes for both cleaning and disinfection; InSpec’s mopping systems have been designed to be exactly what is needed in the industry at this time.

The Mop Pod

The Mop Pod is a novel invention that allows for the single-use mops to be delivered in a sterile, disposable packaging system with a dual purpose; where the packaging is used as a bucket system. This innovative solution allows the InSpec pod to be opened and dosed with the pre-determined volume of sterile InSpec detergent or disinfectant of choice. The sterile mop head can be used with mopping hardware and disposed of after use in the lid of the packaging, which becomes the waste bucket. This system minimises handling, waste chemicals and removes the need for bucket liners or autoclave processing of hardware, saving time, money and reducing risk. The Mop Pod and pod doses are available in IPA, DE, OX, HA, QT, QT+, N10 and N7 formats.

Burstable mops

Pre-impregnated mop heads can be difficult to control due to interactions between the disinfectants and the mop head, or quality of the mop head. The InSpec burstable mop system delivers the highest quality microfibre mop to which the disinfectant is applied at point of use by the operator, ensuring that any potential compatibility issues are avoided and guaranteeing that the disinfectant is the same quality as any bottled product. The burstable mops reduce risk, improve efficiency and efficacy as well as ensuring a controlled application. The burstable mops are available in OX, HA, QT, QT+ and AN formats.

Pre-impregnated mops

InSpec alcohols and detergents are chemistries that are compatible with the mop substrate and can therefore be impregnated onto mop heads and delivered as a pre-impregnated solution.

When considering alcohol disinfection in cleanrooms, InSpec IPA or DE mops allow the end user to disinfect large surface areas that might previously have been difficult due to work exposure limits. By controlling the application, less atmospheric alcohol is present.

When considering the control of residues as per Annex 1 draft, “Cleaning programmes should be effective in the removal of disinfectant residues,” the pre-impregnated mops offer controlled application with reduced risk from handling and health and safety. Furthermore, InSpec IPA mops are registered with the Biocidal Product Regulation, which concerns the placing of biocidal product on the market in Europe.

As per the latest draft revision of Annex 1, cleaning and disinfection are required: “The disinfection of clean areas is particularly important. They should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly in accordance with a written programme (for disinfection to be effective, cleaning to remove surface contamination must be performed first),” which inevitably means manual processes are required and InSpec’s DE, IPA, N10 and N7 products are ready to meet this challenge. The pre-impregnated mops are available in DE, IPA, N10 and N7 formats.

By using this new range of mop heads, InSpec customers have a full range of products manufactured to the highest of standards in line with Redditch Medical’s complete contamination control commitment.

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