Automated cell culture and maintenance system for stem cell research

CompacT SC can be used to aseptically culture multiple different stem cell lines in parallel using T75 and T175 flasks

GMP production of oligos for diagnostic use

IDT’s CCM facility manufactures oligos to meet any defined specifications, and customers are able to maintain total control over the...

Flow measurement for the accurate metering of milk and milk products

Accurate measurement is important for sales volume calculation, inventory control and precise process control

Improved tabletop filling and capping machine

FF30 meets the demands of very flexible small batch filling of liquids or oils in bottles with screw caps with pipette or spray heads

Best practice in water pumps for injection systems

Mogens Roy Olesen describes the essential challenges in terms of both design, performance and purity for water pumps used in injection...

Double door/pass-through type autoclaves

Lee Oakley examines the issues around specifying, design and installation of a double door/pass-through-type autoclaves for clean room and...

Automating the culture of clinically applicable cells

System has the capacity to process up to 90 T-flasks at one time and expand cells from multiple patients in parallel

Planning double-door autoclave for cleanrooms

Lee Oakley looks at the factors involved in planning the installation of a double-door autoclave.

Ensuring sample integrity in cleanroom environments

La-Pha-Pack stainless steel crimping tools provide secure vial closure

Mass spec certified vials presentation online

Following the recent launch of the industry's first pre-cleaned chromatography vials - the National Scientific MS certified vials - data...

Robots offer vaccination packaging accuracy

When it comes to packaging life-saving and expensive pharmaceuticals, robots provide a precision that not only meets stringent safety guidelines but also improves efficiency. Claudia B Flisi reports.

Capping technologies rise to throughput challenge

As demand continues to grow for reagents, the latest capping technologies are focused on speed and accuracy. Sean Ottewell reports.

How to avoid and respond to FDA criticisms

Ken Appel reports on how manufacturers can keep on top of regulations for temperature, humidity and controlled environments.

Measures bought valuable time

Containment measures introduced in Vietnam to prevent the spread of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza did not succeed in halting the virus, but may have bought health services and clinical researchers valuable time.

Bacteria could improve digestive health

The researchers used a colony of mice raised in a large plastic bubble, called an isolator, that was completely sterile, lacking even a single bacterium.

Seeing disease may trigger immune response

Just seeing someone who looks sick is enough to make your immune system work harder, according to a new study in which volunteers looked at pictures of sick people.

Sticky problem for biscuit manufacturer

An international biscuit company wanted to transfer a highly viscous jam concentrate and an unusually high viscosity yoghurt from 200 litre drums to a twin hopper system on a biscuit enveloper.

No spout required with new aseptic filling technology

JBT FoodTech's new patented Aseptic filling technology has been tested through the Italian 2009 Tomato season. This aseptic filler is specifically designed to fill pouches without the need for a spout.

Membrane Filter - Performance Validation Guide

Porvair Filtration Group, a leader in filtration and separation technologies, has developed a new 24-page validation guide for its Fluorofil membrane cartridges.

Cleaning Services for Critical Environments

EP Scientific offers a fully flexible custom cleaning service for any facility utilizing critical environments, whether its cleaning needs are high or low volume.



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