Cherwell supports two national pharmaceutical manufacturing conferences

Pharmig environmental monitoring discussion session sponsored by Cherwell

Hygienic door handles

Release virucidal gel onto the user's hands when pulled, which protects against viruses and bacteria, notably MHRA, campylobacter and...

Investment in R&D and cleanroom expertise

The new research and development facility will be used to test and manufacture a non-addictive alternative to methadone, in order to improve...

Cleanroom decontamination guide

Provides cleanroom operators and laboratory personnel with an overview of cleanroom decontamination technologies

Standardising pharmaceutical builds

Neil Pullman explores the differences between Building Information Modelling levels, their benefits and what it means for the pharmaceutical...

Autoclave cuts sterilising costs

Lee Oakley reveals how a UK university is benefiting from the latest in autoclave technology

Designing microfabrication lab equipment

Optimising R&D laboratories involves vendor collaboration and planning to provide the required versatility in cleanroom kit

Sample storage tubes

In addition to care of women and women’s cancer research, samples are used for educational, diagnostics and validation of diagnostic...

Secure preservation of gynaecological cell samples

2D coded sample storage tubes and sample handling equipment provides traceable, high integrity storage of gynaecological cell samples

Continuous monitoring microbial air samplers

ImpactAir is designed for continuous monitoring in high-grade areas where in-process sampling of viable particles is critical

Vibrating fork switch

Brings reliable level monitoring to demanding hygienic applications

High cleanliness levels in the medical industry are a must

Cleaning medical products efficiently and reliably with process using CO2

Power assisted respirators

Suitable for pharmaceutical, laboratory and industrial environments as protection against particles, gases and vapours

New stackable autoclaves

Stackable autoclaves from Priorclave give labs greater sterilising flexibility

Lean isolation workstations increase success

The latest glove boxes deliver process isolation for more reliable, accurate results, saving time and effort while avoiding delays, risk and...

Storage tubes for light sensitive samples

Micronic presents the 0.75ml and 1.40ml Amber tinted polypropylene storage tubes

Ultra-clean 384-well plates for sample storage

Solution for sample storage and assay set-up, allowing dilutions and aliquots to be simply handled, stored, or transported

Single-use solutions

Cleaning validation has been eliminated, traceability simplified and filling accuracy enhanced at a UK research facility

Preparing pharmaceutical and medical technology for the future

In order to survive in a highly competitive market, companies also need to make sure that they increase their production effectiveness and...




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