Immobilisation helps broaden extended choice of solvents

Tong Zhang and Pilar Franco examine extended solvent versatility of immobilised polysaccharide-derived chiral stationary phases for the separation of enantiomers by chromatography.

Advancements in biotechnology to widen the scope and operating conditions for industrial enzymes

Typically, industrial enzymes are very sensitive to pH, temperature, humidity, and contaminants. Scientists are hard pressed to continuously improve the operating conditions of enzymes to enable their functioning on par with conventional...

Cost cutting measures and patent expirations to propel the European generics and biogenerics market

The upcoming spate of patent expirations bodes well for the European generics market. The growing loss of patent protection on blockbuster brands over the next few years, coupled with the rising need to contain spiralling healthcare costs,...

Maintenance-free chromatography system

Robust and maintenance-free hardware is the main requirement for a strong and reliable chromatography system. Büchi has recently developed a new modular Flash chromatography system which is based on medium pressure chromatography...

Characterising glycosylated peptides on a spectrometer

Glycosylation is an important post-translational modification associated with many proteins that have a regulatory function. Several LC-MS/MS approaches have been used for analysis and structural elucidation of glycoproteins. Gargi...

Adding extra functionality to high-res ultrasonic spectroscopy

High-resolution ultrasonic spectroscopy (HR-US) is a novel technique for non-destructive material analysis based on precision measurements of parameters (velocity and attenuation) of high-frequency sound waves, propagating through analysed...

Testing Toyopearl process materials

Toyoscreen is a fast method to test Toyopearl process materials.

Wide choice of 384-well assay plates

Porvair Sciences, specialists in microplate technology, has a comprehensive range of high quality 384-well assay plates providing an ideal solution for almost all fluorescence, luminescence, absorption, ELISA/turbidity and scintillation...

Manufacture of high purity inorganic compounds

High purity inorganic salts are used in many different production units and institutions such as aerospace, electronics, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in the automobile and optical industries, to...

Improved spectroscopy software

Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd launches new, enhanced customer-driven software, Smart Sound for its range of High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectrometers (HR-US).

Precision needle tips for liquid handling systems

Sampling needles and dispensing probes are a vital part of any liquid handling system.

Software-controlled microscopy

Software-controlled microscopy is the catchphrase. New technologies and the opportunities offered by them have changed the way people work at the microscope and the entire world of the laboratory. Dr Manfred Kässens reports.

Purification of Plasmid DNA by polishing and Endotoxin removal

Increasing requirements for higher purity plasmid DNA preparations have driven the development of new chromatography technologies. Victor Bornsztejn reports.

Enabling confocal microscopy

Bio-Rad latest confocal systems CellMap ID and CellMap IC are the first two models in a family of products designed to produce high quality confocal images at an affordable price for individual laboratories.

Whole genome microarray for comparative genomics

Even within one species of bacteria, genetic content can vary by as much as 25 per cent between individual strains.

Weighing launches

Ohaus Corporation's new Pro Series balances comprises three Adventurer Pro, Explorer Pro and Scout Pro

The benefits of using evaporative light scattering detection in HPLC

Evaporative light scattering detection (ELSD) has become widely used in the field of HPLC. For non-UV absorbing compounds, ELSD is a primary choice since the principle of detection does not rely on the optical properties of the solute.

ICP-OES allows for sensitive analysis of organic samples

Dirk Ardelt, George Glavin, Sergej Leikin and Henk Visser look at the use of inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy and the potential difficulties in its use in analysing organic samples.

"Modular HPLC system offers flexibility, reliability and sensitivity"

Users of HPLC instrumentation require a vast array of features and working specifications to meet their application requirement.

Ultra-thin-layer chromatography plates

The new era of chromatographic separation started with Chromolith HPLC columns. Now Merck's latest innovation in monolithic silica technology is the ultra-thin-layer chromatography plates (UTLC).



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