Preparative SFE/SFC System

JASCO is proud to announce the release of the new Preparative SFE/SFC system. This unit features a versatile modular design and excellent performance.

Getting more out of Mass Spec

Large mass spectral data bases containing several hundred thousand spectra are commercially available. Most search algorithms rank the spectra found in a database.

Advanced 3d/4d visualisation

As three-dimensional imaging consolidates its role in daily clinical practice, customers' expectations from advanced visualisation are growing drastically.

Raman spectroscopy

Raman, a form of vibrational spectroscopy, much like infrared (IR) spectroscopy, can perform numerous functions in the pharmaceutical industry.

High-purity skids

In order to meet critical production requirements for a clinical trial of a new treatment for Pompe disease, high-purity skids for use in...

Adding Intelligence to a visible spectrophotometer

Camspec have recently announced a new programmable visible spectrophotometer.

Atom sized membrane

Graphene has been around for more than two years. A recent advance means it could one day be used as a non-obscuring support for electron microscopy

Protocols for sample preparation and analysis

To assist with proteomics research, Pall Life Sciences has developed a detailed application handbook containing a range of protocols for sample preparation and analysis.

Platular heat exchangers

Platular heat exchangers are said to combine the advantages of tubular and plate-gasket units, giving two to four times the heat-transfer capabilities in units that are one-fourth to one-tenth their sizes.

Modified cavity ring-down spectroscopy boosts analysis

Researchers in the USA have adapted conventional ring-down spectroscopy into a new technique called an optical frequency comb

Peristaltic pump optimises novel bioaugmentation system

The secret to a new continuous bioaugmentation system lies in the
particular peristaltic pump it uses.

Notch effect ‘converts’ stem cells into cells of the nervous system

Discovered in 1919, Notch is a protein that can pass a signal from a neighbouring cell and change activity of genes. It causes a mutation in fruit flies that gives them notches on their wings. Such mutants also have many more neural cells...

Digital imaging system for thin-layer chromatography

Dr Matthias Loppacher looks at a solution especially dedicated to thin-layer chromatography image analysis.

Creating knowledge-based economy ensures increased life science funding

Given the rapid advances in biological sciences, the European Commission (EC) under its framework 6 programme (FP6) has set a strategic thematic priority for life sciences along with biotechnology and health.

Application guide helps to find the right chiral separation approach

When faced with a new chiral molecule the chromatographer has to find the right column to quickly and reliably separate enantiomers.

Systems integration capabilities boost uptake of bioinformatics

Integration and interoperability among different software vendors, database providers, computer hardware, and in-house compilations have become the key focus of research pertaining to both bioinformatics and clinical informatics.

Fighting cardiovascular disease worldwide

One in three people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD), seventeen million every year.

Adopting outsourcing to combat rising costs

Lengthy drug discovery times and the soaring costs of drug development – currently estimated at approximately US$800 million – are putting pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms under immense pressure.

High-purity skids used in trials for biopharmaceutical production

In order to meet critical production requirements for a clinical trial of a new treatment for Pompe disease – and help save the lives...

LC/MS detection: powerful tool for organic compound analysis

Diab Elmashni outlines the advantages of liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry detection.




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