Electronic pipette to streamline lab work

Lab product supplier Alpha Laboratories has launched the Sartorius Picus 2, a pipette that it says describes the latest advancement in electronic pipetting technology.

The product is designed to improve the pipetting experience by offering precision, speed, and connectivity.

The Picus 2 ensures reproducible pipetting results, according to the company and has been designed to cater for users of all skill levels when working on routine tasks or complex protocols.

The pipette has several key features designed to enhance user experience and laboratory efficiency:

Seamless Connectivity: 

The Sartorius Pipetting App seamlessly integrates with Picus 2, enabling users to effortlessly connect and run sample preparation workflows automatically.

Ergonomic Design:

Engineered with user comfort in mind, Picus 2 is ergonomically designed to minimise strain and fatigue during prolonged pipetting sessions, ensuring the well-being of laboratory personnel.

Reliable Results:

With built-in features such as the plate tracker and repeated blowout function, Picus 2 guarantees consistent and reproducible results, maintaining sample integrity and reliability throughout pipetting procedures.

Guided Workflows:

Picus 2 facilitates streamlined laboratory workflows by providing access to protocols, automatic adjustments, and performance updates , thereby simplifying complex pipetting tasks and increasing productivity.


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