Nuclear stain range expanded

Leader in flourescent dyes for life-science research Biotium has increased its range of NucSpot Nuclear Stains, a move  it says will lead to enhanced multiplexing flexibility for microscopy and flow cytometry applications. 

The company also claims that the expanded range will lead to increased precision, efficiency and reliability in cell imaging with selective nuclear targeting and exceptional photostability.

The stains are membrane-impermeant, targeting the nucleus selectively with minimal fluorescence until binding to DNA, enabling convenient no-wash nuclear staining.

Unlike traditional options such as propidium iodide (PI), TO-PRO, or TOTO, NucSpot achieves nuclear specificity in fixed and permeabilised cells without the need for RNase treatment.

Now with  selection of nine colors spanning the fluorescence spectrum from green to near-infrared (near-IR), the range provide greater panel flexibility and is compatible with FITC, Cy3, PE, Texas Red, Cy5, APC, Cy5.5, and Cy7 channels.

Several options are non-toxic, suitable for cell cycle profiling by flow cytometry, and can be incubated in live cultures for multi-day imaging.

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