New tagging technology for cryogenic labware

Life science service provider Azenta Life Sciences has launched new Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tagging technology for cryogenic labware.

The product, called  the Ziath RITrack 'CTag Pack,' provides RFID tags to fit and track existing labware used in cryogenic storage facilities. 

The patent pending RITrack technology allows the identity and location of up to 96 individual coded tubes in a rack to be stored using RFID / NFC technology.

The tag, or chip, stores this information securely even when in vapour phase liquid nitrogen and has been shown to eliminate data loss even after 10,000 freeze / thaw cycles.

Comprising an easy-to-use tool for inserting the RITrack tags into SBS format racks plus 12 RITrack tags, the 'CTag Pack' provides an affordable and easy method for converting existing labware to work with the RITrack rack reader.

Using RITrack tags to read cryogenic racks is now as simple as opening your freezer and withdrawing a rack, then offering it up to your smart phone equipped with the RITrack App to see all the available tubes in that rack.

This technological advance eliminates the need to bring cold racks back to the lab for reading.. 


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