Updated FTIR microscope

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the updated Nicolet RaptIR+ FTIR microscope, which now offers swappable detectors and greater flexibility for connecting various accessories. It is now possible to connect the Nicolet iS50 FTIR spectrometer to either the right or left side of the Nicolet RaptIR+, as well as to integrate the system with the Nicolet iS20 FTIR spectrometer and other near IR, GC-IR, TGA-IR, or FT-Raman modules, depending on the users’ needs.

This update addresses the challenges faced by analytical scientists in finding and identifying micron-sized particles or contaminants, providing high resolution visuals and accurate infrared data. With its advanced features and enhanced security, the Nicolet RaptIR+ will serve as a valuable tool for applications including polymer analysis, microplastics characterization, food and beverage quality control, semiconductor research, pharmaceutical development, and forensic investigations.  

The Nicolet RaptIR+ is an advanced FTIR microscope designed to meet the evolving needs of analytical scientists across various industries in identifying and analyzing a wide range of materials, including micron-sized particles and contaminants. With its advanced features, including swappable detectors and expanded connectivity options, this innovative microscope offers high resolution visuals, versatile sampling modes, and an intuitive interface, ensuring efficient and reliable analysis for users.

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