Powder analysis techniques

Hisashi Homma offers a comparison of the fusion method and pressed powder method for cement powder sample analysis

Guidance on measuring trace amounts

Satoshi Ikeda reveals how to measure trace amounts of sample by X-ray fluorescence analysis

Maldi-Tof confirmation method for campylobacter

Examining a new approach to empowering the food industry to better meet reporting regulations

Five minute bedside test for respiratory distress in premature infants

Test will be used in maternity units and uses the natural gastric fluid extracted at birth to determine if the infant requires surfactant treatment to help mature the lungs

Spectroscopy technology developments

Jaine Weddell reports on the latest product and application developments in the spectroscopy sector

Spectrophotometers supplied for new teaching labs

DS-11 UV-Vis spectrophotometer adopted as a key undergraduate teaching tool

Spectrographic instrumentation firm expands HQ

The manufacturing facility is expected to be fully operational by June 2017

Report on AFM system used at Swansea University

Swansea University uses JPK’s AFM system to study the structural, chemical, optical and electronic properties of materials on the...

Proteins ‘ring like bells’

Scientists have been able to measure the vibrational spectrum of the enzyme lysozyme, a protein that fights off bacteria

Beamsplitter/compensator optics

Optical Surfaces to supply ultra high precision matched beamsplitter/compensator optics for interferometer

Benchtop NMR spectroscopy

Dr Kevin Nott and Dr Andreas Bergner outline the potential of a benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance instrument for structural...

Spectroscopic applications in multilabel readers

In the early days of multilabel readers (MLR), the main focus lay on luminescence, absorbance and fluorescence intensity measurements. Now...

Quick, high-quality data from Raman spectroscopy

Optimised designs are pushing Raman spectroscopy techniques to new levels in terms of speed, sensitivity and resolution. Sean Ottewell...

Pittcon announces short course program

The Pittcon Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the course listing for the 2014 Short Course program which runs March 1 through...

Gold ‘nanoprobes’ hold the key to treating killer diseases

Researchers at the University of Southampton, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Cambridge, have developed a technique to help treat fatal diseases more effectively. Dr Sumeet Mahajan and his group at the Institute for...

Ocean Optics goes mobile

Ocean Optics has released a mobile application for iOS devices to the Apple App Store.

Multichannel spectroscopy, for those special occasions

Avantes' miniature spectrometers are well known for their high resolution in a small package. However, sometimes you want a combination of a...

HPX-2000-HP-DUV high power xenon source for spectroscopy

The HPX-2000-HP-DUV Xenon Light Source is a powerful, 75-watt short-arc lamp ideal for UV-Vis absorbance spectroscopy and other applications...

Sensitivity and robustness top mass spec market demands

Laboratories are looking for ever greater sensitivity and robustness from their mass spec technologies - and the vendors are responding....

New Starna DMV Bio Cell

The new Starna Demountable Micro-Volume (DMV) Bio Cell uses advanced precision micro-machining techniques and materials to produce a...



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