New solution for confocal super resolution

Optical resolution of up to 120 nm is now achieved in cell and tissue imaging

Deep imaging of biological samples

Olympus launches its dedicated multiphoton excitation (MPE) objectives for deep imaging

Opening new avenues in organic solar cell research

Confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) used to enhance research into organic semiconductors and transparent electrodes

Led Zeppelin star opens state-of-the-art medical camera

Camera significantly improves the quality of images that can be taken of a patient’s heart compared with a conventional gamma camera

Simple synchronisation of cameras to transient events

High resolution intensified CCD sensors controlled by state-of-the-art electronics provide almost infinite control over gain and exposure

Nanoscale chemical mapping

Inspire is an integrated scanning probe microscopy infrared system for 10-nanometre spatial resolution

Imaging specimens in aqueous solution

Leica Planapo 2.0x CORR objective compensates different refractive indices

Grant to accelerate materials inspection projects launched

The Olympus Technology Grant will award innovative projects with a free loan of its most advanced opto-digital systems

2D image analysis on multi-channel experiments

Image analysis, environmental control and experiment handling via mobile devices for life science research

Super-resolution microscopy

Sebastian Bänfer and Dr Christoph Greb look at embedding media for GSDIM super-resolution localisation microscopy

Picture perfect

Flavio Giacobone presents a guide to picking the best digital camera for microscopy applications

Raman microscopy, AFM and piezo-based sample positioning

Gernot Hamann presents a combination of methods for high-precision optical, topographic and molecular analyses

A competitive edge in materials testing

Application note on efficiency of opto-digital microscopy

Ear, nose, throat microscope

Gives doctors a clear, true-to-life colour view through apochromatically corrected optics with dual-LED illumination

Industrial microscopy on display at EUSPEN

Olympus will be showcasing its latest advances at EUSPEN conference

Microscopy techniques offer unprecedented detail

Novel microscopy technologies are enabling scientists to examine samples in new levels of detail. Sean Ottewell reports

Queen’s Award bestowed on Raman imaging microscope

Ultra-fast Raman imaging microscope wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

JPK launches the fast-scanning & super-resolution NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM system

JPK Instruments announces the release of the next generation of NanoWizard AFM systems delivering fast-scanning and super-resolution on an...

Supramolecular polymer research

Market leaders in temperature controlled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments report on the use of their stages for supramolecular...

Versatile thermal imaging camera for demanding R&D applications

The FLIR SC660 thermal imaging camera is designed to deliver a combination of infrared and visible spectral images of superior quality and...




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