Comprehensive imaging platform

First released in 2022, PRECiV software has quickly become a trusted imaging and measurement solution in manufacturing. With the release of PRECiV 1.2, the software adds powerful features that make inspection, product evaluation and measurement workflows in quality control, the inspection room and R&D faster and more efficient.

The software supports a wide range of imaging conditions—including brightfield, darkfield, polarisation and all standard imaging conditions—using Olympus and select third-party products. New manual and automatic modes make it easy to capture panorama or extended focal images of inspection samples with or without motorization as well as perform simple 3D measurements.

The software’s Materials Solutions have dedicated workflows that enable users to conduct measurements that comply with international standards and directly export standardised and customisable reports. Additional functions such as time lapse, XY positions and 3D image stack acquisitions provide flexibility when evaluating samples. And its macro recorder helps simplify workflows by automating repetitive tasks and improving the repeatability of measurements.

The software also includes TruAI technology to analyse complex images quickly and easily. Artificial neural networks can be used for image segmentation, enabling the AI to separate features in a sample that cannot be handled by purely analytical solutions. TruAI technology can also be used with selected Materials Solutions and the Count and Measure solution, increasing their power, versatility and automation capabilities.

The software and workstations can be connected to a network for security updates and safe data sharing. Standardised reports for Microsoft Office applications facilitate easy and reliable data transfer.

The software’s clean interface only displays the most important functions grouped per purpose, helping users stay focused. PRECiV software can control all Olympus microscope cameras as well as select third-party Z-focus drives and motorised stages, giving users the control they need to automate their inspections, including Materials Solutions workflows, a macro recorder, AI technology and network access.


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