Advancing high-contrast imaging

The new Slideview VS200 v. 4.1 software supports a host of new features, including the SILA optical sectioning device that enables users to obtain high-contrast images from deep within their sample.

The SILA optical sectioning device uses speckle illumination combined with HiLo microscopy to achieve high-contrast images. This camera-based technology quickly captures two illuminated images that are then mathematically processed to remove out-of-focus light. Unlike some techniques, this method is simple for anyone to learn and requires no special calibration.

Slideview v. 4.1 software guides users to acquire optical sectioning images. Optical sectioning capabilities remain the same as you image deeper, enabling users to capture stunning images from deep within their samples.

The SILA optical sectioning device is easy to add to any existing VS200 system, including those with a slide loader.  It is compact and attaches to the scanner’s fluorescence illuminator. Once attached, the optical sectioning device works with most sample types, including cleared and fixed cells and tissues thicker than 100 microns as well as any magnification.

Current detection methods can’t always identify transparent and morphologic features on a sample and can miss critical targets, but TruAI technology – now supported in Slideview v. 4.1 software – can accurately segment these features and differentiate them from other similar-looking features.

To reduce the data burden, TruAI uses its selective scanning mode to identify the sample area and skips scanning areas that are not of interest. This optimises data management, including storage, uploading and sharing images.

Users can easily upload images to the database, differentiate between users and take advantage of offline visualisation and annotation tools.


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