New real-time in situ probe-based video microscope

Mettler Toledo's next-gen inline PVM tool now available

High-resolution BioAFM system launched

Featuring PeakForce Tapping for quantitative bio-mechanical property mapping

Large format lenses

High resolution over large image format for scientific applications

Advances in inverted microscopy

Dr Christoph Greb explains how the latest microscopy innovations are enabling greater flexibility for researchers

In vivo imaging: reaching new depths

A high-speed, high-precision, deep-imaging multiphoton system presents new possibilities in deep, in vivo imaging. By Bülent Peker

Faster field service

David Jones explains why facilitating a rapid response with minimum downtime is the key to success for labs moving towards automated...

New developments in LED illumination systems

Jim Beacher discusses the benefits of illumination systems that utilise the latest LED technology

Simplifying specialised cell imaging

Eugene McCarthy reports on how vast improvements in optical resolutions and 3D imaging are allowing laboratories to simplify routine tasks...

Light sheet module for confocal microscope

Leica previews new solution for gentle and fast live imaging

Automated tumour cell counting

Upgrade to product range enables automated cell counting on digital H&E slides

CSI: Dundee

Crime scene investigations with opto-digital microscopy

Affordable, reliable quality imaging

Introducing the new 5 Megapixel SC50 microscope camera from Olympus

New imaging software

Bringing images to life with the latest software from Olympus, cellSens 1.12

Crisp and fluid imaging

Olympus launches its next generarion of full HD cameras for microscopy

Neurosurgeons stay focused

Leica Microsystems launches Leica M530 OH6 Neurosurgical Microscope

White light interferometry microscope

Applications include surface and roughness analysis of glass, ceramic, silicon wafers, ball bearings, image sensors, thin films, graphene

Nobel Prize for Chemistry awarded for microscope work

Three researchers share prize for development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy

New solution for confocal super resolution

Optical resolution of up to 120 nm is now achieved in cell and tissue imaging

Deep imaging of biological samples

Olympus launches its dedicated multiphoton excitation (MPE) objectives for deep imaging




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