Lactoferrin: the first line of defence for the body's immune system

Pathogens now face a new adversary. It goes by the innocuous name of lactoferrin, but this bioactive peptide, which is now being deployed in functional foods and drinks, health food supplements, infant formula, and animal feed, may turn out...

Hybrid particle technologyand its use in HPLC

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has been a mainstay of the laboratory scientist for many years. However,there is a new chromatographic base material which is leadingto dramatic performance improvements, including an extended...

Supercritical water oxidation: the answer to organic waste disposal?

Environmentally benign waste disposal is becoming a more and more acute problem. A newly-developed process, supercritical water oxidation is demonstrating extremely efficient organic waste destruction (99.99 per cent) plus excellent...

New micro-encapsulated beadlet line of natural carotenoids and vitamins

LycoRed Ltd., Israel, will introduce a new line of micro-encapsulated and sustainable natural carotenoid and vitamin beadlets at SupplySide...

Project & portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry

Fleming Europe will be discussing new PPM strategies such as innovation and partnering, portfolio risk analyses, project prioritization, emerging markets and many more at a conference in Frankfurt, Germany from 15 – 16 November.

Shape and size matter when analysing food particles

It is vital that food manufacturers have a greater understanding of the influence of both particle shape and size on ingredient properties....

RNAi and DsiRNA: pathway, mechanism and design

Since its discovery, scientists have co-opted the RNAi mechanism as an experimental tool for studying the effects of gene silencing both in...

Happy cows produce more milk

A recent study found that on farms where each cow was called by her name the overall milk yield was higher than on farms where the cattle...

Vicks VapoRub may be harmful

Vicks VapoRub, the popular salve used to relieve symptoms of cough and congestion, may be harmful for infants and toddlers.

Streamlining dry bean continuous blanching for full-bean hydration

New technical applications in continuous bean hydration and blanching are providing significantly improved efficiencies over traditional continuous blanching systems and dry bean soak tanks. Jim McMahon reports.

Binge drinking may drive heart disease

As the holidays arrive, a group of researchers has identified the precise mechanisms by which binge drinking contributes to clogs in arteries that lead to heart attack and stroke.

Rescue robot exercise

A rescue robot exercise was recently held in which about three dozen robots were tested by developers and first responders in order to develop a standard suite of performance tests.

Reducing nervous system inflammation

Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center have discovered a new way to limit inflammation caused by the activation of microglia - key immune cells in the brain.

Evolution of human opposable thumb

Scientists have discovered a gene enhancer, known as HACNS1, that may have contributed to the evolution of the uniquely opposable human thumb.

Extracting sugars from biomass

In a new paper, researchers have detailed some of the most fundamental processes involved in extracting sugars from biomass, the first step in producing ethanol by fermentation.

Stopping flagella movement

A new paper describes, for the first time, how the flagellum's rotations are stopped so that bacteria stop moving.

Transient binding proteins

Most of the functions performed by a cell are the result of interactions between proteins, which recognise their binding partner by affinity features localised on the protein surface.

Electrical discharge in the brain

After a stroke, even unaffected areas of the brain are at risk – depolarization waves arise at the edges of the dead tissue and spread through the adjacent areas of the brain. If these waves are repeated, more cells die.



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