Overview: Developments in humanised antibody techniques

Drug research and development company Creative Biolabs has new offerings in humanised antibody development to kick off 2024.

With years of expertise in antibody engineering, Creative Biolabs is well-positioned to assist researchers and pharmaceutical companies in the development of  humanised antibodies.

Antibody humanisation is a critical antibody development technique that involves modifying monoclonal antibodies derived from xenogeneic sources to reduce their immunogenicity and thereby strengthen their therapeutic potential while retaining their specificity and affinity toward the targeting antigen.

Creative Biolabs specialises in antibody humanisation through advanced technologies and bioinformatics tools and has established three technical pipelines - CDR grafting, chain shuffling, and humanised IgG library screening.

Another approach that yields high-affinity human antibodies is humanised monkey antibody. On the Universal Antibody Humanisation platform, three-dimensional modeling of two vital monkey antibody frameworks is employed to identify mutations that do not alter the parental antibody structure. After that, monkey antibodies are germline-humanised into frameworks very similar to human IgMs.

The so called 'Magic Human Antibody Discovery Platform' opens up innovative human antibody production by transgenic mice. By introducing human heavy and light chains into the mouse germlines with inactivated or disrupted endogenous antibody machinery, the transgenic mouse strains can directly produce fully human antibodies of high affinity, avoiding the subsequent effortstaking humanisation and affinity maturation procedures.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on advancing therapeutic antibody research, Creative Biolabs continues to drive innovation in humanised antibody development, offering cutting-edge solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry.

A senior scientist at Creative Biolabs stated, "Our humanised antibody development services are designed to meet the increasing demand for targeted and personalized therapeutics.

By seamlessly integrating our expertise in antibody engineering with the latest advancements in technology, we strive to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients."


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