Genomics research lab to open in Oxford


Azenta Life Sciences will officially open its new Multinomics and Synthesis Solutions laboratory in Oxford, UK in March 2024. As a global provider of R&D genomics services, Azenta is an expert in data quality with technical support to enable researchers around the world to advance their scientific discoveries at greater speed.

Dr Ginger Zhou, senior vice president and general manager for Genewiz Multiomics & Synthesis Solutions said, “The opening of our genomics lab in Oxford will enable researchers to access the latest next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms locally, eliminating logistical issues associated with services based outside the UK.”

The new lab will utilise a comprehensive network of Genewiz collection points, offering convenient courier pick-up, simplifying the sample submission process for customers. In addition, we will offer free-of-charge dry ice sample collection from drop boxes in Oxford and Cambridge. Dr Zhou also added that in recognition of the UK’s excellence in genomics research, the company awarded grants to UK researchers for use towards their next NGS projects.

The first prize UK grant winner Ms. Lauren Roberts, research assistant at Imperial College London, was excited to receive the grant. She said, “I am very grateful for this grant as it will allow me to conduct whole genome sequencing on L. iners isolates, thereby enabling a deeper understanding of their role in women's health.”

Dr David Buck, Head of the new Oxford genomics lab, commented, “We are looking forward to the grand opening event on April 25th that will bring together Azenta’s leadership, representatives from the scientific community, and members of the press. While the official ribbon-cutting event is in April, the new lab will receive and process customer samples starting in mid-March.”

He added “Our Oxford lab is equipped with the latest cutting-edge NGS platforms enabling scientists to bring impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market faster.”


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