New pan dryer helps with API production

De Dietrich Process Systems has launched a vertical 'pan dryer' for pilot production or development applications. The product was created for its Tech Lab, an in-house testing and development centre for process solutions. 

This extends the company's offering in terms of testing and scale-up of drying and filtration/drying processes. The pan dryer will help manufacturers involved with the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as those using solid-liquid separation equipment.

The dryer is a vacuum agitation dryer and these are particularly well suited to drying delicate, heat sensitive products, to obtain very low residual humidities.

The products to be dried may be sensitive to mechanical stress or, on the contrary, require vigorous separation operations by the integrated lump breaker.

The dryer contains a Guedu agitator which helps with mixing and thermal homogenisation, ensuring that powders are evenly dried. 

Continuing the group's commitment to providing a complete solution for the production of pharmaceutical APIs, the pan dryer harmoniously adds to the range of testing capabilities offered by the Tech Lab’s other existing drying and filtration/drying equipment.

Eric Naudin, product manager at De Dietrich Process Systems, said: "We remain resolutely committed to excellence and innovation.

The Pan Dryer exemplifies our determination to provide state-of-the-art equipment that promotes safer, more efficient and higher quality API production processes."



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