New batch photoreactor will scale up reactions

Flow chemistry specialist Uniqsis has launched The Solstice Maxi, a new high-power LED photoreactor with a jacketed, multi-position tube holder accommodating twelve 20ml cm3 septum-sealed reactor tubes.

Designed for scientists looking to scale-up batch photochemistry reactions – the Solstice Maxi fits neatly onto a standard laboratory magnetic stirrer enabling the contents of each tube to be efficiently stirred. Photochemical reactions can be maintained at a fixed temperature by connecting the Solstice Maxi to a recirculating liquid coolant. Although a piped water supply can be utilised, more precise temperature control (10 – 60 ⁰C) can be achieved by connection to a recirculating heat exchanger.

Inserting a Borealis high power LED lamp unit (365nm, 385nm, 425nm, 440nm, 460nm or 525nm) into the centre of the Solstice Maxi, converts the system into a versatile temperature controlled, multi-position photoreactor.

An embedded temperature sensor measures the back-plate LED temperature, which, when connected to the matching ‘smart’ power supply, ensures that the LED wavelength and electrical parameters are automatically detected and configured correctly. To provide precise control over photochemical reactions the power supply allows LED intensity to be varied in 5% steps from 10-100%.

The Solstice Maxi is driven by a digital power supply unit that can be controlled remotely and displays both the internal reactor and LED backplate temperatures. Though designed as a batch photoreactor, the lamps used in the Solstice Maxi can be combined with a Uniqsis Cold Coil and internal coil reactor to enable continuous flow processing on this versatile device.

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