Antibody markers and dye range expanded

Global leader in life science research and clinical diagnostics products Bio-Rad has launched three StarBright red dyes and expanded its range of antibody markers conjugated to StarBright violet dyes to enhance immunology research.

The range is now made up of 32 dyes providing greater choice and flexibility for conventional and full-spectrum flow cytometry in immunology research, according to the company.

The launch of three new StarBright Red Dyes — StarBright Red 715, 775, and 815 — is combined with 29 additional highly validated antibodies conjugated to StarBright Violet 570, 515, 440, 670, 790, and 475 Dyes. Now totaling 32 dyes spanning multiple lasers, Bio-Rad’s range of StarBright Dyes expands translational and immunological research capabilities by providing greater choice and flexibility in conventional and full-spectrum multicolor flow cytometry panels. 
Bio-Rad’s range of StarBright Dyes, proprietary fluorescent nanoparticles conjugated to flow-validated antibodies against key immunological targets, offer researchers exceptional brightness with narrow excitation and emission profiles for precise resolution, according to the company. Joining StarBright Red 670, the first StarBright Red Dye, launched last year, StarBright Red 715, 775, and 815 are excitable by the 640 nm laser and are brighter or as bright as other current 640 nm excitable comparison dyes that emit at a similar wavelength. 


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