Launch of 3D product using short collagen fibres

Life science products and solutions manufacturer Amsbio has introduced the innovative CollaFibR additive manufacturing product created using dry-spun 50 µm Collagen Type I fibers.

The product has been proven to increase the shape fidelity and biological relevance of bioprinted constructs in hydrogels and bioinks.

In the field of personalised tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting shows immense promise, but the challenge lies in achieving both mechanical durability and biological relevance in the printed constructs.

Acting as a physiologically relevant site for cell attachment within constructs - CollaFibR has been shown to improve the shape retention and durability of bioprinted cellular constructs for at least 28 days.

Additionally, these short collagen fibers can enhance the mechanical strength and flexibility of hydrogels under both tension and compression, proving beneficial for 3D cell culture applications like organoids.

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