Automated filling and capping systems for clinical trial facility

A novel vial filler and capping unit installed at a bio-therapeutic product manufacturing plant has done away with cleaning validation and cross-contamination at the same time as simplifying product changeover. Sean Ottewell reports.

Analysis of powdered plant tissue

Plant genetics research has advanced considerably. Huge investment has been made into research for both bio fuels and crop science. Andrew...

The missing piece in your jigsaw

Quality assurance will provide increased reliability for the user in an environment with multiple variables. Dr Martin Crockard reports.

Elemental Analysis Sample Preparation

The Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit provides a safe and repeatable method for preparing samples for elemental analysis of Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Sulphur, Phosphorus.

Automated genomic sample preparation

A new eSeminar entitled 'Automating Genomics Applications on Bravo Workstations' has been announced by Agilent Automation Solutions.

SOLATek 72 Multi-Matrix Vial Autosampler

Attain maximum throughput with 72-vial capacity, the highest quality sample pathway materials, and automated multiple additions for internal standard, surrogate and matrix spikes.

Autosampler 2000 w/ bar code reader

For laboratories with high sample throughput, the real value of using SOPs is seen when fully automated particle size distribution...

New Automatic cell feeding station

PROcellcare stands for a system, which supplies live cells under the microscope with biological nutrient and working solutions thus allowing the scientist/developer to execute efficient and automatic dispensing and controlling processes of...

Robotic Automation

Robotic automation is a cost effective choice compared to hand automation. Buckeye Machine can integrate a robot for your repetitive automation needs. Why choose robotic automation?

Next Generation Microplate Labeller

Agilent Automation Solutions has introduced a new microplate labelling system for automated on-demand, barcode print-and-apply applications...

Automation: New Compact Automatic Presses

Carver, Inc. offers the new Auto Series automatic hydraulic laboratory presses, featuring the enhanced "NE" digital control system.

Automated compound Plate storage and replication

Agilent Automation Solutions has released an applications bulletin that describes a new automated system for compound plate storage and...

Automated Cell-Based Screening

The BioCel System from Agilent Automation Solutions is a robust, high-performance automated platform that combines fast robotics with...

ProSpecT Enzyme Immunoassay

Easy-to-use, diagnostic tests for enteric infectious disease, caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites, require minimal hands-on time, are suitable for automated protocol and provide results in less than 2 hours.

Automated stem cell high content screening platform

Researchers at I-STEM have used a BioCel 1800 platform to automate high content screening of small molecules for muscular dystrophy therapeutic research.

ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate automation

ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate is now available with barcoding to enhance sample tracking in automated and semi-automated fast PCR workflows.

Automation analysis with the Pentra 400

Incorporating high quality patented technologies from parent company, HORIBA Group, the ABX Pentra 400 can undertake many different assays,...

Overlord2 SocketSet

Overlord2 SocketSet enables you to access a huge range of instruments from your existing laboratory automation application and use your existing scheduling software with any instruments in the extensive Overlord2 library.

ABgene Skirted Low Profile PCR Plate

The ABgene Skirted Low Profile 96-well PCR plate has been designed to make plate handling easier.

NYT Autosampler

PS-2X Microfluidic Plate Sampler Overview: The wellplate(s) or sample tubes are mounted in the work area and the dispensing needle is moved to and into the correct cell with easily remembered instructions.



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