Automating sample preparation

Sample prep requirement can be perceived as a burden to research. Here Silke Ubben looks at the benefits of automation

Spray drying with a three channel nozzle

Micheal Whelehan, Philipp John and Nurhan T Dunford examine the production of core-shell microcapsules by spray drying using a 3-Fluid...

New affordable automated colony counter

Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, has introduced its aCOLyte 3 cost-effective colony counting...

LIMO FAC - optimal for automated assembly

LIMO fast axis collimators can be optimally used with monolithically integrated reference surfaces or adjustment grooves for automatic...

Cutting edge products for 3D cell culture, regenerative medicine & glycobiology

AMSBIO has announced that it will be displaying its latest innovative products for life science research at SLAS 2012 - one of the world's...

Waters and Tecan sign agreement for clinical assay platform

To address the growing need for greater efficiencies and throughput that can be obtained with the automation of routine clinical laboratory assays, Waters Corporation Tecan Group have entered into an agreement to combine Tecan’s Freedom...

Desktop liquid handling instrument

Industrial labs seeking to move from handheld pipettes towards computer-controlled analysis systems and robotics

Lab automation tools 'make science easy'

Agilent Bravo for protein purification leverages proprietary AssayMAP microchromatography technology

Linear motion system boost lab automation

Benchtop automation is changing genetic, genome and cancer research by being able to manipulate over 200,000 yeast or bacteria cell samples per hour

Automating the culture of clinically applicable cells

System has the capacity to process up to 90 T-flasks at one time and expand cells from multiple patients in parallel

Webinar for automation techniques

Enables scientists to learn techniques for introducing reliable automation into small- and large-scale applications

Free LabVIEW drivers for controllers and machines

Drivers allow direct control through LabVIEW of the Techno motion controller for pick and place, dispensing, assembly, testing

Reliable DNA Purification and Sequencing

An applications bulletin is available from Agilent Automation Solutions that describes an automated system that provides for quick and...

Top Quality Microanalysis Consumables

Exeter Analytical offers laboratories involved with elemental microanalysis a single source for top quality, competitively priced CHN/O/S consumables and supplies irrespective of the analyser they use.

Rapid system for high-throughput sample processing

The Capit-All IS Automated Capper/Decapper is a robust, high-throughput instrument can de-cap or re-cap an entire rack of samples in less than ten seconds.

Lab901's ScreenTape R6K

In a recently published paper, Lab901's ScreenTape automated gel electrophoresis system demonstrated equivalence to - and improvements on - the accepted standard measurement of RNA sample quality control prior to microarray analysis.

Preparative-Scale Purification of Compounds

Available from Dorton Analytical the Octave Chromatography System is an automated chromatography platform designed for preparative-scale purification of chemical and biological compounds.

Next Gen Sequencing Sample Prep

Agilent Automation Solutions has announced that it has posted a recording webinar 'Solutions for Applying Automation to Next-Generation Sequencing Sample Prep' online to enable scientists who missed the event to review the presented...

High Throughput LC-MS Solution

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the EQuan MAX an automated high throughput Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry solution.

Versatile Automated Media Filling System

The new generation MEDIAJET from INTEGRA offers the unique flexibility to be simply configured for high throughput filling of Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with two compartments and test tubes of various diameters and length.




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