Autoclave range showcased

The Priorclave stand at this year’s Medlab exhibition in Dubai (3rd to 6th February 2020) highlights the comprehensive range of laboratory and research grade autoclaves designed and manufactured by this British engineering company. With an autoclave product range of more than 60 models in various configurations and styles that include benchtop, front loading, top loading and stackable units, Priorclave has been solving sterilising needs around the world. 

Visitors to the Priorclave stand Z1 - B30 will be able to examine a build quality that has established a reputation for delivering robust, durable autoclaves that deliver the ultimate in sterilising performance.

A key highlight on the stand is the QCS front loading autoclave range. Superb sterilising performance, operational reliability and low energy usage make theses eminently suited to use in diverse industrial sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare as well as numerous research and educational institutes within the public sector.

The featured Priorclave EH100 is a 100 litre laboratory autoclave that has a chamber diameter larger than most, bringing increased versatility and paving the way for more efficient lab use since both small and taller than usual items can be sterilised in the same process. This benefit can often save the lab manager from investing in larger, heavier and more costly rectangular autoclave.

This leading product design is equipped with Tactrol3, a new controller with a crystal-clear user interface LCD display and easier function settings. It also has a quick-view menu that shows all the functions that have been set on any select program. 

If required Priorclave autoclaves can be fitted with Bee Live, a system that brings Wi-Fi connectivity to the entire range of Priorclave laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers. It provides immediate connectivity to a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Smart phones, tablets, iPads and laptops, enabling lab staff to remotely monitor sterilising parameters.

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