How to maximise lab automation investments

Benchling, the life sciences R&D cloud platform, has announced the launch of Benchling for Lab Automation, a new solution to help life sciences companies maximise lab automation investments. The offering provides a centralised environment for researchers to design, document and run up to 10,000 samples in a single experiment and digitally track the results of each sample. By connecting liquid handlers, analytical instruments and other equipment to Benchling’s cloud platform, researchers can analyse experimental results and processes at scale, achieving deep biointelligence and unlocking new insights to accelerate breakthroughs.

“We built Benchling for Lab Automation to help scientists create the laboratory of tomorrow with the equipment of today. Now, researchers can do more experiments in a shorter amount of time, saving ten hours per experimental run and unlocking the full potential of their lab automation investments,” said Saji Wickramasekara, CEO and Co-Founder of Benchling. “By uniting hardware and software, we're helping the modern scientist harness the power of biointelligence – complete traceability for every experimental sample, result, and process – to uncover deeper insights and achieve breakthroughs faster than ever before.”

Life science companies are investing heavily in lab automation to enable high-throughput workflows, but existing lab automation software is rigid and can't adapt to meet the highly iterative, dynamic needs of modern life science. This creates bottlenecks in data aggregation and prevents sample traceability. Benchling for Lab Automation addresses the limitations of current lab automation solutions by giving scientists a flexible, seamless interface between the Benchling platform and lab robotics, unlocking biointelligence, improving scientist productivity, and keeping pace with evolving R&D processes.

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