Full portfolio of skeletal myoblasts created

Biotechnology company Amsbio offers a wide range of products to support skeletal muscle cell culture enabling scientists to streamline their modelling process in vitro.

Skeletal muscle accounts for 30-40% of the weight in a healthy individual. However, it is also a key site for insulin-stimulated glucose disposal and often where insulin resistance in obesity arises. Human primary cultured skeletal myoblasts can directly reflect a patient's metabolic phenotype because many of the signaling pathways are maintained intact. Therefore, modelling human skeletal muscle in vitro is a vital research need to better understand muscle function and for preclinical investigations into muscle-related diseases and drug discovery.

To enable this in vitro modelling process, Amsbio has established a comprehensive portfolio of human primary skeletal myoblasts from a variety of male and female donors, including obese donors with Type 2 diabetes. Large lots of pooled cells are available for screening approaches and to decrease issues with patient-to-patient variability. Supplied cryopreserved and ready-to-use – Amsbio offers skeletal muscle myoblasts and iPSC cell lines for differentiation to mature myotubes for modelling in vitro.

For skeletal muscle culture, the company has formulated a range of top-quality induction and maturation media optimised for the various stages of skeletal muscle growth. For long term maintenance of mature cells – a new skeletal muscle cell growth medium is now available.

A range of differentiation kits to direct iPSCs to form highly pure populations of mature skeletal muscle cells is also available. The Skeletal Muscle Differentiation kit enables researchers to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells using a simple three-step process of media changes and cell passaging without the need for transfection.


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