Novel solid-state NMR probe

111 kHz magic-angle spinning (MAS) probe enables highest performance NMR analysis up to 1GHz on biological solids and materials

The three most common threats your laboratory faces

A disaster recovery plan involves a set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery of valuable laboratory samples and also the...

Most heart muscle cells formed during childhood

New study demonstrates that the heart muscle is regenerated throughout a person’s life

New generation of circulators

Julabo has announced the launch of its latest range of refrigerated and heating circulators

International collaboration develops new technology

BMG Labtech reports success from a recent Australian Research Council Linkage Grant

Low dimer recombinant human NGAL

BBI Solutions introduces recombinant NGAL protein

GMP-grade cell cryopreservation media

Amsbio launches new Stem Cellbanker product

Fast purification of his-tagged proteins

Now available at MoBiTec: Ni-IDA columns

Combination freeze dryer/vacuum concentrator

Popular product can now be used as a combined concentration/freeze drying workstation

Advances in bacterial hosts

Non-E. coli expression hosts represent a heyday for Gram-positive bacteria, says Arne Schulz

Validating next-generation sequencing-based genetic tests

Frederick R. Blattner & Tim Durfee showcase software for auto-analysis of internal benchmarking controls

Investigating manufactured nanoparticles

Characterising the bio-nano interface using QCM technology. By Teodor Aastrup, Diluka Peiris & Daniel Wallinder

Event announced for UK life sciences sector

Life science businesses to capitalise on Edinburgh’s expertise at AIMday

Cold sore virus could treat cancer

Scientists publish research on using modified herpes virus to treat skin cancer

Theoretical expression of cell reprograming

Synthetic biology reveals mechanism of gene-overexpression to induce cell reprogramming

From worker to queen at the drop of a gene

Researchers discover the genes that cause the buff-tailed bumblebee to develop into a male, worker or queen

Faster PCR assays

Reducing protocol time for 96-well PCR assays

New protocols for sperm testing

Surprisingly, the testing of sperm for properties - such as size, number and motility - is not consistently controlle

ACU integrated in microplate reader control software

Advanced monitoring and display of cell-based applications in microplate readers

Brain scan reveals out-of-body illusion

Perceived location of bodily self can be decoded from activity patterns in brain



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