Labelled antibodies for fluorescent multiplex detection of proteins

StarBright Blue 520 fluorescent secondary antibodies offer best sensitivity among fluorescent dye-labelled secondary antibodies that emit in...

Life sciences expert launches luteinizing hormone

Global life sciences provider Bio-Rad launches recombinant luteinizing hormone, expanding its critical raw materials portfolio

How do muscles know what time it is?

How do muscle cells prepare for the particular metabolic challenges of the day? Scientists have investigated this question and published...

Flexible and precise control of gene expression

The Tunr gene editing system allows users to precisely control the expression of their gene of interest

Agreement for CRISPR engineered cell lines

Oxford Genetics signs major supply and licensing agreement for CRISPR engineered mammalian cell lines

Biotech firm obtains certification for new medication

Marinomed wins EU-wide certification for new cold medication that reduces blocked nose without pharmaceutical ingredient

Biological decontamination of clinical areas

Bioquell recently completed a 6-log decontamination of the key clinical areas within a newly constructed world class hospital.

Biotech firm to expand offerings

Newcells Biotech secures funding that will enable it to launch new cell-based assays for drug discovery

Partnership to develop cancer immunotherapies

Immatics Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Genmab

New features added to cancer models platform

Platform is eliminating barriers for researchers in drug discovery

Automated rotary vial washer

New vial washer launched for pharmaceutical and biotech applications

Assay services portfolio expands

Validated tissue bank and pre-collected immuno-oncology datasets speed up investigative research projects through to clinical development

Boosting protein yields with new expression system

Polyplus-transfection launches new advanced system for transient protein expression in CHO cells

Collaboration produces new antibody for research

Abcam Merck collaboration produces new PD-L1 antibody for immuno-oncology research

New tool for in vitro hiPSC culture

AMS Bio launches 3d-iPSC Matrix

AI methods in biotechnology

Andrew Williams investigates the latest projects that are bringing artificial intelligence to the biotech sector

The 10 green chemicals driving a disruptive new industry

New report highlights how to ensure the UK becomes a world leader in bio-based chemicals

New cell culture medium

AMS Bio launches ell culture medium for clinical research

New insights into replicating viral vector platform

Latest insights into Hookipa’s TheraT platform are published

Discovery of new mechanism for tumour suppression

Researchers describe how damaged cells can be inhibited from multiplying




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