Pipetting system links with CIM cloud database

Swiss Bioscience company Integra Biosciences has agreed to use German software specialist Contact Software’s CIM Database Cloud in addition to the company's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to develop and bring its products to market faster.

The company will also use Contact's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system for product development and project management. The cloud solution simplifies connecting international locations and, thanks to its high customisability, facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements.

Integra is a leading global manufacturer of laboratory equipment for liquid handling. Its products support researchers in the quick and precise dispensing of liquids, accelerate laboratory work, and improve the reproducibility of test results. The company's portfolio ranges from electronic pipettes to pipetting robots and is used in science, diagnostics, and industry. The company has now agreed to extend its relationship with Contact and use the company's Software’s CIM Database Cloud to develop and bring products to market faster.

To enhance the efficiency of its product development processes, Integra is replacing its PDM system with a more powerful PLM solution. It is intended to improve document retrieval and feature an intuitive user interface to ensure quick familiarisation and high user acceptance. Considering these requirements, Integra has chosen the CIM Database Cloud. The system will initially be deployed at the locations in Zizers (Switzerland) and Hudson (USA), with further sites to follow.

The CIM Database Cloud creates a single source of truth for all data by seamlessly integrating SolidWorks, Altium Designer, and an ERP system. Features for variant, requirements, and engineering change management accelerate product development while the 3D Cockpit allows even users without a CAD license to access 3D visualisations. The CIM Database Cloud’s integrated project management links schedules, tasks, and documents and supports project managers in completing projects in time and in budget.

The cloud solution simplifies the connection of globally distributed locations. “Our development and production centers are located in different time zones, so international support is a high priority for us,” says Michel Zugliani, PLM Project Manager at INTEGRA Biosciences. “The 24-hour support provided by CONTACT’s partner Bosch convinced us in this regard.”
Thanks to extensive DevOps services, Integra can customise the cloud solution to meet its specific requirements, test modifications in a review instance in advance, and continuously optimise them. The new solution complies with standards such as ISO 13485 for quality management of medical device manufacturers, eliminating the need to revalidate them. 


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