Adeno-associated virus services for gene delivery

Adeno-associated viruses are single-stranded DNA viruses that can infect a broad range of cell types including dividing and non-dividing...

New version of genetics software

Technidata launches latest version of TD-Genet software, aimed at simplifying DNA sequencing

Ready-to-use tagged cDNA clones

TrueORF cDNA clones are tagged cDNA clones for protein studies

New product to launch at industry events

High-throughput ChIP sequencing product to be showcased at genetics conferences

NGS expert leads Institute’s cutting-edge genome analysis

Dr Daniel Swan joins The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) as Head of Platforms & Pipelines group to lead the research Institute’s suite of...

Reader for cell-based assays

The Spark 10M offers greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers

Report on research into human liver material usage

Novel organoid matrix enables long-term culture of human hepatocytes

New miniature liquid valve

Space saving solution combined with efficiency improvements in fluidic designs

Easy PCR set-up with smart instruments

TouchTools PCR Wizard from Tecan enables rapid set-up of pre-PCR protocols

In vivo genome editing

Marvin Yingbin Ouyang discusses in vivo gene editing via the power of TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9

Ensuring efficiency in CRISPR gene editing

Eric Rhodes reveals why CRISPR gene editing isn’t quite as easy as it looks

Turning to CRISPRs for genome editing

Genome editing has taken a leap forward as the benefits of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPRs) technology...

Xenograft models of breast cancer

Horizon Discovery Group launches highly characterised patient-derived xenograft models of breast cancer

Research on animal-to-human diseases

TGAC to lead research to help identify animal-to-human transmitted diseases

Biomedical Big Data company launches new solution

Genalice releases first all-in-one DNA data processing solution with true population power

Modular NGS gene capture pools launched

Easy access to customisable and cost-effective target capture

New siRNA generation kit

Easy and cost-effective generation of siRNAs from full-length target genes

Tumour screening

Leading cancer researchers to speak Oxford Gene Technology seminar

Out of a rabbit hole: research reveals genetic basis for animal domestication

International team of scientists carry out ground-breaking study examining the domestication of rabbits

Traceable sample storage

Ultra-pure polypropylene ensures that the storage tubes are compliant with USP Class 6 and European Pharmacopeia tests




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