PCR-free, single-molecule target selection of genomic regions

Samplix has launched its comprehensive service program to grant any laboratory access to the advantages of Xdrop technology. By partnering with the Samplix Service Team, researchers can leverage the unique Xdrop™ approach to address complex genomic questions, including gap closing, sequencing of repeat elements, detecting viral insertion sites, revealing unintended CRISPR edits, and more.

Xdrop is Samplix’ proprietary technology to enrich genomic regions longer than 100 kb from as little as 1 ng human genomic DNA and with single-molecule resolution. Unlike other target enrichment methods, Xdrop requires knowledge of only a short sequence within or flanking the target region for efficient target selection. Following targeted selection, multiple displacement amplification is applied to single DNA molecules compartmentalized in droplets. This ensures unbiased amplification of large DNA fragments that are representative of the target variation in the original sample. The output is ready for any short-read or long-read sequencing platform.

"Our services program is designed to expertly manage workflow points that impact project success. We have regular customer consultations to establish clear research objectives and thus, secure the right experimental setup and sample quality strategy," explains VP Commercial Operations, Henrik Pfundheller.

An expert team of scientists and lab technicians with over 10 years of experience in international genomics services, handling of precious sample types, project logistics, and dedicated customer care manages the complete workflow. Upon request, Samplix Services also performs and analyzes long-read or short-read sequencing. Every step, including data processing and analysis, if requested, is carefully documented and discussed in a closing consultation.

"Whatever the reason behind a service request," continues Pfundheller, "our team overcomes any challenge our customers experience, whether it relates to exploring a new application, getting help in tackling a difficult sequence, or just gaining access to the right equipment."

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