Biotin labelled proteins

New biotinylated protein collection specially designed to simplify users' research

Latest blast freezers offer rapid freezing of critical bioprocessing samples

Versatile, easy to use blast freezer, quickly prepares products for short and long-term cold storage

New real-time PCR systems

Accelerate international collaboration and commission a global monitoring framework with a secure computing platform hosted by AWS

'Mini lungs' to help cystic fibrosis research

By using stem cells, scientists have created what they refer to as mini-lungs to aid cystic fibrosis studies.

New single-use harvesting technology

Sartorius Stedim Biotech launches new clarification system for high cell density cultures up to 2,000 L

Global cleanroom technology market set to soar

New research shows that cleanroom technology sector will reach US$4.2 million by 2020

Towards an expression atlas for an entire brain

Thousands of genes can now be examined at once via new techniques

Scientific collaboration set to improve oncology research

Taconic Biosciences and Cellaria Biosciences agree to scientific collaboration to facilitate xenograft use in oncology research

Limoges University Hospital computerises its resource centre

TD-Biobank selected to computerise the CRBioLim, Limoges University Hospital's multidisciplinary biological resource centre

Bioprocessing institute to use new aseptic workstation

Dublin's NIBRT has had the latest generation isolator from Bioquell installed

Report on the use of optical tweezers

JPK reports on the use of optical tweezers in the Schieber Research Group at Illinois Institute of Technology

Single tank electrophoresis system

Versatile integrated system for gel electrophoresis from Cleaver Scientific

Fast fluorescence slide scanning

Olympus launches latest version of VS120 for precise virtual slide scanning

Sample handling products introduced

Omega adds sample handling solutions to its range of laboratory equipment

Label-free, high-throughput reader

Berthold Technologies launches latest solution for biomolecular interaction studies

New 'two in one' transilluminator

Latest transilluminator from Spectroline provides both ultraviolet and white light illumination

Latest qPCR software introduced

Gilson launches qPCR Assistant software to reduce sample preparation burden

Co-operation announced for bio-interactions analysis

Berthold Technologies has introduced Biametrics as a new co-operation partner

New brain mapping reveals unknown cell types

Scientists produce detailed map of cortical cell types and the genes active within them

New research on bacteria jumping between species

Study suggests bacteria jump between host species quicker than previously thought



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