Phage against the machine

Geoff Harper reports on the scientists fighting the war against antibiotic resistance

Automating the development of aptamer-based biological tools

The ARNA Laboratory’s Freedom EVO platform has a range of integrated devices to offer almost complete automation of its workflow

Small-scale crossflow device

Designed for use in biotechnological applications, especially for membrane screening and small-volume process development

Cellulose has a colourful future

New research explores potential for cellulose nanocrystals to be used in an array of applications

Lab experience for schools

US$4 million grant announced to boost biology education in schools

Advances in bioprocess control

Intelligent control in cell culture process development. By Christiane Schlottbom, Ma Sha and Stacey Willard

Phage of reason

Exploring the issues being discussed at the Clinical Phage Therapy 2015 event

Precision and accuracy in liquid handling

New options for laboratory automation solution

Molecular and elemental analysers on display

LAT to show wide range of molecular and elemental analysers at this year's Lab Innovations event

New range of high quality cell line FFPE slides

Ultimate control for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridisation

Functions of 150 genes discovered

Major European mouse study reveals the role of genes in disease

New research into brain structure and emotions

Brain structure reveals ability to regulate emotions, according to recent study

Novel way to make 3D nanostructures

3D 'printouts' at the nanoscale using self-assembling DNA structures

Characterisation of glycosphingolipids

Using ceramide glycanase for the characterisation of glycosphingolipids

Wrinkled layer of brain shows genetic heritage

Research shows that the three-dimensional shape of the cerebral cortex reveals ancestral background

New microplate reader introduced

BioTek launches Synergy Neo2 high-performance multi-mode microplate reader

Loss-free grinding

The ultra-effective Fritsch Mini-Pill Pulverisette 23

Fast Western blot stain for his-tagged proteins

Use MoBiTec's SpeedBlot (His) in a one-step protocol for sensitive detection of His-tagged proteins in Western blots

Novel solid-state NMR probe

111 kHz magic-angle spinning (MAS) probe enables highest performance NMR analysis up to 1GHz on biological solids and materials

The three most common threats your laboratory faces

A disaster recovery plan involves a set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery of valuable laboratory samples and also the...



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