Streamlining cell culture workflow

From live cell observation and documentation to cell sampling and handling

Virtual screening software for cancer research

Blaze will be used to run virtual screening projects to translate research discoveries into new cancer drugs

Easily automated 3D cell culture growth

AMSBIO has launched Mimetix 3D cell culture scaffolds that offer significant advantages for a range of applications, including regenerative...

Drug discovery benefits from evaporative crystallisation technology

A new technical poster produced by Genevac, in conjunction with the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research, examines the application of...

Drug discovery benefits from evaporative crystallisation technology

Using this technology multiple solvents can be screened in parallel to identify optimum crystallisation conditions for amorphous materials

NMR solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Bruker announces innovative NMR solutions for fragment-based drug discovery, pharma chemical processes and more

Fast liquid transfer down to picoliter levels

Tecan has introduced the D300e Digital Dispenser for applications that need faster, reliable dispensing down to picoliter volum

Strategic collaboration for personalised medicine

Siemens and BioNTech cooperate on production of personalised cancer vaccines

International collaboration develops new technology

BMG Labtech reports success from a recent Australian Research Council Linkage Grant

A personal approach to medicine

Britt Franken reveals how personalised medicine is aiding physicians in selecting the best therapeutic strategy

Ethnobridging and the Asian Market

Pharmaceutical studies must take into account cultural differences, as well as regulations that require the use of clinical data from native...

ACU integrated in microplate reader control software

Advanced monitoring and display of cell-based applications in microplate readers

Cynthia A. Maryanoff to receive prestigious Perkin Medal

Internationally recognised expert in drug development to be honoured in Philadelphia

80,000 deaths could be avoided with new antibiotics

Response to report on antibiotic resistance in UK

Scientific collaboration set to improve oncology research

Taconic Biosciences and Cellaria Biosciences agree to scientific collaboration to facilitate xenograft use in oncology research

(Ultra) low-flow Coriolis meter

Bronkhorst announces new meter/controller with integrated laboratory solutions

Rapid evaporation solutions for natural product extraction

Genevac reports on how its Rocket Synergy automated evaporator systems are replacing rotary evaporators as the tool of choice for rapid and...

Co-operation announced for bio-interactions analysis

Berthold Technologies has introduced Biametrics as a new co-operation partner

High throughput PARP in vivo pharmacodynamic assay

New assay that can be used to monitor the efficacy of poly-ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitors on PAR formation in vivo

Abuse deterrent technology launched

Lucideon introduces new delivery platform technology for pharmaceuticals



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