Open source innovation increasingly being used in drug discovery

New discoveries have led to the need for new ways to tap the vast amounts of information, so as to optimise its potential use

Pathogen reduction and pathogen inactivation

European Blood Pathogen Inactivation Market generated revenues of about $238.5 in 2009 and could to reach $521.5 million by 2013

Nucleation on-demand technology

SP Scientific signs license agreement for Praxair's Controlyo Nucleation technology

New European centre for chirality

Centre to offer analytical and scientific services for advancements in chiral chemical processes

Cardialysis and Sticares InterACT announce strategic drug discovery collaboration

Both organizations have substantial experience and success in the execution of clinical research projects for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies

ICSE reflects pharma outsourcing growth

ICSE, in association with co-located events, is expected to draw over 25,000 attendees

New centre will develop new drugs for diseases

New treatments for some of our most common diseases and conditions could be on the horizon with the launch of a new drug discovery venture

Moving to electronic submissions: adopt a best practices approach

The life sciences industry is accustomed to waiting. The process from molecule to market can take upwards of ten years, and many factors can limit progress along the way.

Resistance to change continues

There has been a dramatic shift in the drug discovery industry in recent years, with computing power and informatics becoming an integral part of the discovery and development process.

Novel virus entry mechanism discovered

Scientists working with Vaccinia virus, the smallpox vaccine, have discovered a novel mechanism that allows poxviruses to enter cells and cause infection.

Nanoemulsions are oil-in-water emulsions

Cell cultures are widely used for in vitro assays or to produce biological compounds, such as antibodies or recombinant proteins. To optimise cell growth, the culture medium can be supplemented with a number of defined molecules or with...

WHO updates guidelines for labs dealing with influenza A virus

As avian flu spreads, the World Health Organisation has issued new guidelines for identifying avian influenza A virus in specimens from humans. Sean Ottewell reports.

Early screening and innovative solutions key to drug development

The vast majority of clinical drug candidates fail during the development stage because of poor absorption, distribution, metabolism or toxicity (ADME/Tox) problems. However, new screening techniques will help to reduce attrition rates....

Meeting traceability standards in laboratories and documentation

Analytic conceptual formulation traceability and the complete documentation of the production processes play a more important role of extended product liability, more than ever.

Imaging technology reveals the complexity of biomarkers

Dr Ronald Koop looks at an ultra high content analysis technology that has the capability to provide combinatorial, cell-based biomarkers.

Clinical trials start

Immutep S A's ImmuFact IMP321 has moved into Phase I/II clinical trials. ImmuFact IMP321 is a potent natural human T cell immunostimulatory factor designed to amplify the T cell immune response in therapeutic vaccines.

Heterocyclic reactive intermediates for drug discovery

During the past 25 years almost every part of the drug discovery process has undergone radical change For instance using robotics and combinatorial techniques chemists can now synthesise single libraries that contain more compounds than...

Interest grows in peptide therapeutics as production techniques improve

The interest for peptide therapeutics has recently intensified, with a growth rate predicted to be quite significantly higher than for other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) overall.

Biomarkers help understand complex biological networks

Ronald Koop looks at a robotic whole-cell imaging technology that integrates cell biology and biomathematical tools.

Working together to get the best out of outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a bit of an adventure, an adventure of hope and expectation cloaked in fear and dread.




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