Time and cost savings promote appeal of high throughput screening

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies are under constant pressure to discover and develop new therapeutics at a lesser cost and within shorter timeframes. However, with investments exceeding US$ 500 million and nine out of 10...

Measuring aqueous solubility critical in drug development

The aqueous solubility of a compound is a critical determinant in its success or failure as a drug candidate. Given this, one might anticipate that there is a high throughput, standardised method to measure solubility in the drug discovery...

Managing documents to aid product compliance

Before any therapeutic product or device is approved for use in humans, it has to undergo a battery of pre-clinical and clinical studies to ensure the safety and efficacy.

Ellen-Patricia Zimmermann reports.

Is outsourcing really the way to control spiralling R&D budgets?

In 2000 the global pharmaceutical industry was estimated to have spent US$58billion on R&D, with around 40percent of this being devoted to clinical trials.

How to find the perfect research partner for productive working

A large portion of clinical research projects are being carried out by contract research organisations (CROs) on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, and the proportion is growing.

chiral chromatographic columns

Polysaccharide derivatives coated on a silica matrix have been extensively used as chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for their high selective and loading capacity in enantioseparation by HPLC.

Electronic spirometers collect respiratory data in the home

Chronic lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are increasing in prevalence throughout the world and finding effective drug treatments to help sufferers is of great interest to many pharmaceutical...

Scanning software helps highlight new potential for existing drugs

With thousands of journals and millions of different papers published every year, it is no surprise that researchers and their assistants spend as much time in their libraries as in their laboratories.

Joint initiative aims to accelerate next generation drug discovery

Drug discovery is an extremely lengthy and costly process. On average, it takes new treatments nearly US$1b and 12 years to reach the market ­ and those are just the ones that succeed.

How to meet the special design and quality needs of biopharm

Regulations and time-to-market pressures leave little room for error in the biopharm market ­ but design quality, schedule and deliverables can all be enhanced using 3D technology, says Dean Martyniak.

Keeping up with the intelligence on your competitors' research portfolio

Knowing what your competitors are up to has never been more important. As Sean Ottewell reports, the latest addition to intelligence database technology aims to bring a new level of depth and refinement in the search for information on the...

Tecan solutions for genomics and drug discovery

Tecan, one of the leaders in laboratory automation solutions, has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your needs. Its wide product range includes touchscreen-operated microplate readers, multi-label readers, washers and pipetting...

DNA microarray technology provides rapid and parallel analysis

The acquisition and analysis of sequence data is not an end in itself; rather it is a powerful tool to help understand the complex biology of host-pathogen interactions. It can, as Dr Barbara Gledhill finds out, be used to elucidate gene...

Advances in the measurement of LDL cholesterol

Until recently, direct measurement of LDL cholesterol was not practically possible for most laboratories in a routine clinical setting. The first homogeneous LDL method was introduced in 1997. Here, Mauro Panteghini looks at the clinical...


International trade fair Analytica 2000, will take place in Münich, Germany, between April 11 and 14. Exhibitors from around the world are expected to present the latest products and services in the fields of modern biology, chemistry,...

Novel solution for particle size measurement problems

Work undertaken in Germany is demonstrating how a new particle size measurement technique is opening up many new applications areas in the laboratory. Heike Krischollek reports on the specific problems posed when dealing with biological...

Progenitor Labs secures financing to progress potentially game-changing regenerative medicine platform

Investment from SR One, GlaxoSmithKline’s Corporate Venture Fund, will fund company’s programme to discover small molecule drugs that regenerate specific tissues of the body.

New research to test success of prison drugs initiative

New research led by the University of York will carry out a detailed appraisal of Drug Recovery Wings which have been established in 11 prisons in England and Wales.

Plunging new depths in hunt for life-saving antibiotics

The hunt for new life-saving antibiotics is taking researchers to some of the deepest and coldest places on Earth. Led by the University of Aberdeen, scientists from across Europe will probe previously untapped oceanic trenches in the...

European drug discovery drive

Pioneering chemists from The University of Nottingham are taking part in the biggest-ever European research programme to speed up the discovery of new drugs.




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