What is galenIQ™? Learn how it makes medicine taste pleasant.

Just a spoonful of GalenIQ makes the medicine go down. Improve palatability of solid and liquid medicated candies with GalenIQ. The company can customising your formula with its long-established solution to bitter medicine: GalenIQ. For more information, click HERE.

Dr. Vladimir Gubala Discusses the Co Mix

Dr Gubala at the Medway School of Pharmacy (University of Kent) uses the Vitl Co-Mix for repeatable and efficient synthesis of nanoparticles

Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 – Dust free enteric release coating powder

Kollicoat MAE 100-55 can directly replace comparable pH >5.5 enteric release materials in commercial formulations. For more click HERE.

Genevac - Rocket Synergy vs rotary evaporator, demo

Genevac has posted a YouTube video of a demonstration at California Gold Extractions (San Diego, USA) which compares use of a rotary evaporator and the Genevac Rocket Synergy evaporator, for the batch concentration of 2 litres of winterised cannabis extract in ethanol. For more information click HERE.

Kromasil EternityXT

Kromasil EternityXT is a family of reinforced spherical silica particles for preparative HPLC media and analytical HPLC/UHPLC columns with best chemical stability even under harsh pH conditions.

Groundbreaking Temperature Sensors

TME manufactures temperature sensors for a wide range of applications. 

The company supplies thermometers across several industries, from catering to building management and even Legionella testing.

Are You Ready for Cool Chain Europe 2016?

The 15th Annual European Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit returns to Frankfurt, Germany, on the 25th-27th January 2016.

With 500 plus attendees, the show brings together life sciences logistics, supply chain and quality assurance professionals.

New for 2016 are: 

* Pharma Ocean Freight Working Group Forum, update from the 2015 Initiative aiming to create working standards across the industry;

* Case study insight into Lane Qualification versus Continual Monitoring;

* Introducing the Supply Chain Tour – a whole day visiting multiple sites including airports, freight forwarders, packaging production and track the package from arrival to delivery direct to the customer;

* Cross industry expertise – hear from various different industries on their success and supply chain excellence for their products;

* Cost Evaluation Workshops - Building a cost-effective solution for your CRT products;

* Hear the latest case studies in rail freight, air freight, road and ocean. Where is temperature logistics heading? How will technology such as 3D printing effect the temperature controlled logistics market?

* Bio-Logistics focus forum – Key case studies focus on overcoming the challenges in transporting vaccines, blood products and gene therapies.

Confirmed speakers so far include: 

Eugenio Filippi , Senior Manager, European Plasma Logistics and Dispositioning Center, Baxter; Jeroen Janssens , Senior Manager, Centre of Excellence for Packaging & Cold Chain, GSK Vaccines; Alexander Bahr, Director Logistics and Supply Chain Integration, McDonalds, Mark Edwards, former Global Freight Manager, Actavis, Joerg Woyke, Global Category Lead – Warehousing & Distribution, Sandoz AG; Rajesh Pednekar, Head of Distribution, Pfizer; Graham Martin, Cool Chain Strategic Development Manager, Pfizer.

Kromasil EternityXT

Kromasil EternityXT is a family of reinforced spherical silica particles for preparative HPLC media and analytical HPLC/UHPLC columns with the best chemical stability even under harsh pH conditions.

LI-COR Odyssey Family of Imaging Systems - Choose Just the Right One for Your Lab!

There is an Odyssey Imager to fit the needs of any life science lab. All Odyssey Imagers offer the accuracy and linearity of quantitative, reproducible infrared Western blots, high sensitivity, wide linear dynamic range. Users will never need to use film again - or wait in line for the darkroom!

Choose the best Odyssey Imaging System for your lab's needs: Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System - the most versatile of all the Odyssey systems, the CLx supports the broadest range of applications and has a large scannin surface area. Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging System - the economical infrared imaging system for any lab, the Sa also offers plate-based assay automation options and an optional barcode reader accessory. Odyssey Fc Dual-Mode Imaging System - a chemiluminescent near-infrared fluorescent imaging system primarily for Western blots, the Fc also has a 600nm channel for ethidium bromide-stained DNA gel imaging.

OC Robotics Client showcase

OC Robotics has developed remote robots designed for handling operations within confined or hazardous spaces.

Snake-arm robotics provide access solutions for industries such as nuclear, aerospace, medical and security. They have flexible robotic arms that don't have prominent elbows, so they can follow their nose into confined spaces.

Watch this short video to find out more about the company and snake-arm robots, from Andrew Graham, Technical Director and Founder of OC Robotics.


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