How Speedy Breedy works?

Speedy Breedy is a portable,instrument that finds contamination in water days faster than sending samples to a lab. It can find contamination in a whole range of applications that include  food, beverages, beer, paint, oil, functional fluids, stem cells, donor organs, starch, ballast water and pig semen. For more click HERE.

Liver tumors found in mice exposed to BPA

In one of the first studies to show a significant association between Bisphenol A (BPA) and cancer development, University of Michigan School of Public Health researchers have found liver tumours in mice exposed to the chemical via their mothers during gestation and nursing. 

"We found that 27 per cent of the mice exposed to one of three different doses of BPA through their mother's diet developed liver tumours and some precancerous lesions. The higher the dosage, the more likely they were to present with tumours," said Caren Weinhouse, U-M doctoral student in the School of Public Health's Department of Environmental Health Sciences and first author of the paper published online in Environmental Health Perspectives.

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Model Organisms - Drosophila - Charalambos Kyriacou (Full Interview)

The circadian clock is a molecular network that generates daily rhythms, and is present in both plants and animals.

A University of Leicester research team led by Dr Eran Tauber has studied genetic variation in circadian clock genes in wild populations of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster – and has discovered that their genes have developed different genetic variations that are functionally important.

Here, Professor Bambos Kyriacou at the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester talks about fruit flies, and circadian rhythms.

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Promotional Video

Research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities seek contamination control in operating bioreators. Adding or withdrawing materials, or inocculating during processing, invites opportunities for contamination. QMI provides aseptic sampling or inocculation. For more click QMI.

Fighting Super Bugs with Big Data

Researchers from the University of Bath (UK) and Emory University (USA) are hoping that online crowd-funding can help in efforts to develop a new way to identify and treat toxic superbugs, such as MRSA.

Superbugs pose a major problem for public health officials around the world. According to the World Health Organisation in 2011 6.7 million people died from infectious diseases, making them the second biggest killer behind heart disease at, 7 million. Click HERE for more.

Panasonic Eco VIP series

With a capacity of 728 litres, Panasonic's Eco VIP KM-DU73Y1E -86°C upright freezer is claimed to be the most energy-efficient of its size and is suitable for sample storage within hospitals, biomedical research institutes and biopharmaceutical laboratories.

Energy savings lead to reduced running costs as well as environmental benefits, and so the KM-DU73Y1E provides a range of advantages to all users of ultra-low temperature freezers. For more click HERE.

Setting up a 384 Well qRT-PCR Assay for the ViiA7™ using Viaflo Electronic Pipettes

INTEGRA has announced a new customer testimonial video that demonstrates how the VIAFLO VOYAGER motorised adjustable spacing pipette can be used to rapidly set up a 384-well qRT-PCR plate for analysis in a ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR system (Life Technologies). Click HERE for more.

Birth of Nanofibers - Unique Real Movie Never Published Before

NAFIGATE is proud to present a video where you can watch the birth of nanofibers. This is no animation but real pictures in slow motion. From an initial single drop to hundreds of nanofibers.

Discover Dentistry teaser - FutureLearn

The University of Sheffield is continuing to remove the barriers to higher education for people across the world with a new and exciting online dentistry course which is free and accessible to all. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are transforming education giving everyone the unique opportunity to take part in a high quality, flexible and innovative learning experience.

Food Contamination Under The Microscope

RSSL is recognised as a leading independent provider of foreign material analysis, contaminant identification and structural analysis of products.

View our You Tube Video on the Science behind Foreign Body Investigations - Food Contamination under the Microscope


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