How to Build an Autoclave

This video is an introduction on How Laboratory Autoclaves and Research Sterilizers are manufactured. The video takes a behind the scenes look at the production process at Priorclave's UK manufacturing center. Their entire range, all made in Britain, includes both cylindrical and rectangular chamber designs.

Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

The new SpectraMax iD5 multi-mode microplate reader from Molecular Devices is a hybrid five-mode microplate reader that features automatic near-field communication (NFC) filter identification and western blot capability. The new product is a complete solution to help scientists increase their research capabilities.



From zero to STED in no time

The most impressive difference between “traditional” STED systems and the new STEDYCON add-on is the ease with which it can be set up and operated, from opening the carton to the first super-resolution STED image in under three minutes.

Get food-grade lubricant protection at high temperatures with Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME

Protect bakery oven chains with the 1200°F (650°C) operational limit and the food-grade NSF H1-registration of Klüberfood NH1 CH 6-120 SUPREME.

For detailed solutions and application tips, download our white paper

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System

Digital microscopy with automated brightfield, fluorescence, and Digital Confocal imaging. The ImageXpress® Pico Automated Cell Imaging System is more than a digital microscope, combining high-resolution imaging with powerful analysis.

How to make an XRF pellet with an automatic hydraulic press | Spectroscopy Guides

Learn more about using an automatic hydraulic press for the preparation of XRF pellets. This guide includes the assembly of a sample die and the operation of an automatic press load programming system.

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High-Speed Sorting and QC with Ocean FX Spectrometers

The Ocean FX is a versatile spectrometer with acquisition speed up to 4,500 scans per second, onboard processing for improved SNR and reduced data transfer time,
and robust communications via USB, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Ocean FX is an excellent choice for high-speed process applications, measurement of fast events,
and reaction monitoring. Ocean FX is available in application-ready, custom and OEM spectrometer configurations. The spectrometer can be integrated into other
devices as a component, subassembly or turnkey solution. Ocean FX is ideal for UV-Vis applications in food and agriculture, where acquisition speed helps with
food sorting and processing; biomedical sciences, especially for absorbance measurements requiring enhanced UV sensitivity; rapid events measurements including
flicker and fast color cycling in LEDs; and security and authenticity, where added communication interfaces enable simpler point-of-use instruments.

In this video, we simulate a process environment to demonstrate the rapid scan rate of the Ocean FX spectrometer. With onboard processing and Ethernet communications,
Ocean FX is ideal for at-line and in-line color measurements, high-speed plastics recycling and more.

Validating Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-Decontamination - the Easy Way

Hydrogen peroxide is an environmentally friendly way of performing bio-decontamination.

Getting reliable and repeatable results of reaching the pre-determined hydrogen peroxide level and getting exact results even in high humidity conditions is crucial.

Therefore, Vaisala developed the HPP270 series with advanced PEROXCAP technology.

The company designed it especially for environments containing hydrogen peroxide vapour. It measures hydrogen peroxide content in ppm, temperature, and humidity - referring to both relative humidity and relative saturation.

AutoQuest 100 position HPLC and IC autosampler

Get more from your existing HPLC/Ion Chromatography system, with an AutoQuest Liquid Chromatography Autosampler.

The Cecil AutoQuest, is that neat add-on to your existing LC system, which may be used with most third party HPLC and Ion Chromatography systems. It is suitable when your current autosampler needs replacement or if you have an increased workload.

This autosampler is a handy, low maintenance addition in most chromatography laboratories.

The astoundingly reliable 100 sample position autosampler, provides for ultra low carryover, ultra high injection precision, priority sampling, replicate injections and sample volumes from 5 µL to 2mL.

The ultra low carry-over provides for the ultimate in effective sampling for todays’ trace residue analysis and contaminant levels.

With simple and reliable use via PC control or the stand-alone keys, and with easy third party connection and injection synchronisation, the AutoQuest will work together with your existing system.

The AutoQuest autosampler also fits neatly within the Cecil Adept HPLC, Q-Adept HPLC, Merit HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography modular systems.

With the AutoQuest Autosampler, just set it up and leave it, to do its work.

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NTU research into 3D printing replica human bones

Created using powder printing technology to help achieve a lifelike porosity of real bone. For more information, click HERE.


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