Geotech G100 CO2 analyser animation

The Geotech G100, which measures CO2 from 0-20% and O2 0-100%, is used to demonstrate accurate and repeatable CO2 readings of the atmosphere inside incubators. It was specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators in medical, IVF-clinic, research and pharmaceutical applications.  For more information, click HERE.

Sugar beets could become blood substitute

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have discovered that sugar beets produce haemoglobin. They now hope that this haemoglobin could serve as a blood substitute – a substance that is currently in short supply. For more click HERE.

Carson Optical Universal Optics Adapter HD

The IS-100 HookUpz Universal optics adapter connects most smartphones to any optical device in seconds. It fits any smartphone with or without a case (users can even use a charging case for hours of continual, uninterrupted use). The universal adapter can be used on binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, telescopes or night vision.

It is very easy to use and no glue or complicated pieces are needed. The product features a self-centring clamp with release grips that can hold optics over a very large range of diameters for all types of optics. It fits a wide range of optics, with an outer eyepiece diameter of 20-58mm.

It’s small, portable and lightweight so users can take it anywhere and share images and videos captured in the field quickly and easily.

The Asynt DrySyn MULTI KIT - clean and safe heating block system

The DrySyn MULTI from Asynt converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a high performance reaction block accommodating three round-bottomed flasks or up to 12 reactions in tubes or vials. For more click HERE.

EHEDG certified pinch valves with EPDM sleeve for CIP / SIP Cleaning

AKO has passed the certification Type EL - Class I, Type EL aseptic – Class I of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group EHEDG for its new air-operated pinch valves series VMCE.

The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are increasingly important in many areas of food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Frequent product changes and difficult product features require regular wet cleaning. Since pinch valves are often installed in hard-to-reach places, manual cleaning can be very costly. A fully automatic cleaning, Cleaning in Place (CIP) saves time and money.

The new pinch valves, available in nominal sizes DN10-100 (3/8"-4"), are characterised by an easy-to-clean (CIP), sterilisable (SIP-capable) and bacteria-tight design in accordance with EHEDG certification type EL Class I and type EL ASEPTIC Class I. Furthermore, the VMCE pinch valves are piggable (RIP).

Air-operated pinch valves are the ideal solution for isolating and regulating abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products. The pinch valve is being used more and more as an isolating valve or regulating valve for emulsions, sludges, dusts, gaseous materials, compressed air, powder, granulates, pellets, etc. Another advantage in the use of pinch valves compared to conventional valves such as butterfly valves or ball valves, lies in the almost wear-free and absolutely tight shut-off of the product stream.

Asynt PressureSyn - the NEW high pressure reactor with safety built in

PressureSyn, from Asynt, is a 125ml working volume high pressure reactor. Designed by chemists and engineers at the University of Nottingham (UK), PressureSyn reactors provide abtool for stirred, or non-stirred, high pressure applications including hydrogenations, carbonylations, catalyst screening and polymerisations. For more click HERE.

Genevac - EZ2 Evaporator

The EZ-2 Elite Centrifugal Evaporator, from Genevac, has been designed to provide unmatched final drying of stubborn samples and fast lyophilisation of HPLC fractions. 

Benefiting from a high performance scroll pump, that delivers deep vacuum, the EZ-2 Elite is able to routinely remove even very high boiling solvents such as DMSO and NMP.  For more, click HERE.

Video Series - Dr. Patrick Dixon (Part 1)


Video Series - Dr. Patrick Dixon (Part 2)


Video Series - Dr. Patrick Dixon (Part 3)

Part 1: Big global trends that affect even the smallest research project 

  • How the global economic situation will impact research of the future 
  • The impact changing global demographics will have on research science
  • How an ageing population will shift focus to lifestyle

Part 2: How will medical technology change the world – and thus our research?

  • How clinical medical technology will drive advances in the lab
  • Next-generation imaging and the future of microscopy
  • Pharmacogenetics and it's ethical implications

Part 3: Big global trends that affect even the smallest research project 

  • How the global economic situation will impact research of the future 
  • The impact changing global demographics will have on research science
  • How an ageing population will shift focus to lifestyle

New Flexsafe Bag Family

Sartorius has developed a new polyethylene film and bioprocessing bags to facilitate the way towards the single-use facility of the future. For more click here.

Row direction serial dilutions with the Row Dilution Plate Holder

INTEGRA has introduced a Row Dilution Plate Holder accessory for its VIAFLO 96 and 384 handheld benchtop pipettes. For more click HERE.


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