Preparative chromatography materials launched

6th January 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

AkzoNobel recently announced that its Kromasil EternityXT 10 µm C8 bulk material is now shipping. Kromasil EternityXT 10 µm materials are used in reversed phase chromatography, they are end capped and now delivered in both C18 and C8 derivatisations, providing the flexibility needed for small, medium and large-scale preparative chromatography. This family of Kromasil EternityXT stationary phases supports scientists and engineers working in purification under extreme harsh conditions that may be challenging to the mechanical and chemical stability of the stationary phase.

The well-regarded EternityXT family of products is based on advanced technology where the material can operate under extremely demanding conditions, including extended pH range. In fact, Kromasil EternityXT stationary phases can operate beyond the pH window of Kromasil Classic materials, which is the recognised standard in purification for a variety of applications worldwide, including pharmaceutical, peptides and oligonucleotides.

Kromasil EternityXT 10 µm C8 and C18 materials can withstand pH 12 and as many compounds used by the pharmaceutical industry are basic in nature, it is possible to run them under strong basic conditions with EternityXT to increase loading onto the column, thus, to improve productivity and to reduce purification costs.

The structure of Kromasil EternityXT C18 and C8 materials is such that it is possible to sanitise or regenerate them in-column, carrying out cleaning in place (CIP) even at 1 M NaOH, if so required. 





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