Chromatography column packs

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the EconoFit low-pressure, prepacked chromatography column packs to support resin screening experiments in the development of protein purification workflows.
The range of EconoFit columns provides a wide selection of resins in a prepacked format, allowing customers to simply screen resins and select the optimal chemistry for different target molecules. The new packs include mixed-mode, cation, and anion exchange resin columns, as well as a pack designed for His-tag protein purification. The convenient, easy-to-use and disposable column format is fully compatible with Bio-Rad’s NGC chromatography systems and other commonly used chromatography systems. Columns are available in 1ml and 5ml sizes.
“Similar resins can give different results for different target molecules, and with EconoFit column packs our customers can easily perform resin scouting to identify the one that yields the best outcome for their chromatography application,” said Ertan Ozyamak from Bio-Rad. “Our columns deliver run-to-run uniformity to support preparative scale purifications and/or method development for new target proteins, as well as to improve existing workflows.”

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