Medicine & Healthcare

Helping accelerate Coronavirus vacinne development

Sartorius supports the development of the first vaccine candidate against the novel Coronavirus to enter clinical trials

Gut bacteria are central to human health

Improving human health with phage-based therapeutics

Bridging the gap with innate and adaptive immunity

Innovative combination therapies show promise for improving clinical response rates


Learning how breast cancer cells evade the immune system

Cancer cells have ways to evade the human immune system, but research at UK’s Synchrotron, Diamond could leave them with nowhere to hide

Cleaning product to combat coronavirus

Already used extensively across the NHS, HM Prison Services, the rail and travel industry, the product has already been proven to destroy...

Growing new blood vessels

Researchers to investigate method of growing new blood vessels

Therapeutic approach may help to cure chronic hepatitis B

New therapeutic approach may help to cure chronic hepatitis B infection

New ImPaKT facility is one-of-kind

MR Solutions helps new ImPaKT facility become the best equipped containment laboratory in Canada

Automation expertise used in medical project

New medically approved inhaler project draws on CME’s automation and packaging expertise

New biomedical research

Team of researchers investigate hyaluronic acid degeneration in invertebral disc health

Successful show for pharma expert

A look back: Optima at P-MEC India 2019

Bacteria shredding tech to fight superbugs

Researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-destroying technology that could be the answer to the deadly problem of...

New tables for pharma sector

Teknomek and Trespa bring something new to the table. This new table range combines 304 grade stainless steel with Trespa TopLab surfaces

New algorithm detects even the smallest cancer metastases

Teams at Helmholtz Zentrum München, LMU Munich and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a new algorithm that enables...

The first 7T PET/MR integrated imaging system in Israel

MR Solutions has installed the first 7T PET/MR preclinical imaging system in Israel. The dry magnet system is helping to advance medical...

New method to assist in leukemia diagnostics

New method to support physicians in leukemia diagnostics: AI-driven single blood cell classification

Collaboration in field of pancreatic beta cell regeneration

Helmholtz Zentrum München allies with Eli Lilly and Company to discover new targets for pancreatic beta cell regeneration in the treatment...

New pharma app to launch at show

At CPhI WW 2019, SGD Pharma will be launching an application to identify non-compliances in moulded glass bottles intended for the...

New ImpactAir ISO-90 microbial air sampler

Cherwell highlights new ImpactAir ISO-90 microbial air sampler at Pharmig: new device addresses continuous monitoring as per EU GMP Annex 1...

Safe packaging for blood products

Advances in protection packaging for blood products from Kiefel




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