Making advanced staining simple

Sakura Finetek Europe has launched its newest solution, Tissue-Tek Genie, an advanced staining system. With this new system, the company enters a new market. By continuous third-party clinical validation performed by NordiQC, Sakura Finetek provides optimal scoring antibodies only, focusing on the optimal result for pathologists and their patients.

The launch of Genie demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting the provision of the next-generation immunohistochemistry solution. "I’m thrilled and proud with the launch of this innovative solution," says Chris Koeman, President of Sakura Finetek Europe. "This underlines our company’s mission: empowering pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimise treatment success for each life we touch."

The Tissue-Tek Genie advanced staining system is the company's first automated, true random access stainer for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridisation (ISH); thanks to its innovative technology making it uncompromisingly fast, it provides users with a predictable case turnaround time.

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