Cell image analysis software

PerkinElmer has announced the launch of Signals Image Artist software – a new image analysis and management platform for drug discovery research. 

The new offering is designed to help scientists accurately process and analyse their high-content screening (HCS) and cellular imaging data in a matter of hours, instead of days or weeks, so they can make more informed decisions faster. 

Signals Image Artist is designed for the big data demands that drug discovery labs are working with today, including 3D cell, phenotypic and cell painting images. Its intuitive user interface requires minimal user training and the software supports multiple users processing, analysing, sharing and storing information at the same time, without compromised performance.

Cloud and on-premise deployment options are available, as is scalable storage capacity to expand as lab needs change.

Alan Fletcher, senior vice president of life science at PerkinElmer, said: “Today’s drug discovery labs are generating massive amounts of image data, driven by a rise in the use of physiologically relevant models and the increasing adoption of cell painting and phenotypic screening approaches to try and reduce clinical trial failure rates. Our Signals Image Artist platform will help drug discovery researchers drive more efficiently and effectively towards the next new novel therapeutic candidate, by dramatically speeding up image processing, delivering quick and accurate data, and fostering easier collaboration.”

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