New pedestal bottle holder

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has, once again, put productivity and hygiene 'on a pedestal', by adding a new bottle holder to its range. Designed to hold two standard bottles, the freestanding pedestal unit can be positioned precisely where there is the need for wiping down.

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, says: “Our new bottle holder can be moved to exactly where it is needed. Instead of users having to cross a room to reach the cleaning solutions they need, the pedestal can be positioned at the place of operation. This saves valuable operator minutes, reduces the risk of cross-contamination as operatives don’t have to move around their workspace unnecessarily and naturally encourages operator compliance.

“Unlike traditional bottle holders that are fixed to a wall, with this new product there is no need to drill holes and risk contamination of a cleanroom or manufacturing space. The pedestal unit is self-supporting and can simply be placed where it is needed at any time. This is the first freestanding bottle holder we have produced and, as with all of our products, we have listened to our customers when developing this simple but effective solution.”

Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, the pedestal bottle holder is operator height at 830mm high and has space for two standard 500ml bottles. It robust and easy to clean, to ensure it supports the hygienic standards.

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