Safer liquid transportation

Hygienic furniture specialist Teknomek has launched the first in its new range of mobile bag transporters. Ideal for the safe transportation of bags of liquid, this four-hook bag hanger has been designed to provide a stable, flexible and durable solution for environments where easy and secure manoeuvrability of liquids is a priority.

“In the world of bio-pharma, there are a lot of liquids to be moved around, and the need for safe handling whilst minimising the risk of cross contamination is a priority,” says Sue Springett, commercial manager of Teknomek. “When listening to our customers, they reported that many of the IV bag stands available are unbalanced, full of dirt traps and not cleanroom compliant. So, as always, we have designed a solution which is perfect for purpose.”

With four snag free hooks spaced 250mm apart, the new four-bag hanger minimises the risk of each liquid bag touching the adjacent bag, even when full. Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel and fully welded, the hanger is robust enough to withstand sterilisation chambers (whether autoclave or hydrogen peroxide) and designed with no dirt traps where bacteria can lurk unseen.

With a stable H-frame base and four swivel, stainless steel, non-marking castors, the hanger can be easily moved around for convenient and efficient working. The two braked castors ensure it can be locked into a stationary position for added stability and security. At 747mm wide, it fits easily through doors and transfer chambers.

“We’re here to help our customers create productive, risk managed and hygienic work environments,” continues Springett. “Sometimes that means taking a fresh look at quite an obvious problem and coming up with a sensible solution. Our new bag hanger range is set to make the transportation of liquids far safer and more streamlined for professionals working in the bio-pharma market.”

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