Real-time PCR detection

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the CFX Opus deepwell real-time PCR detection system to support researchers in developing nucleic acid detection assays.

The new system is the latest addition to the portfolio of CFX Opus instruments. With a 96-well block and the largest reaction volume available in the CFX Opus range – up to 125 µl – the CFX Opus deepwell system offers accurate, precise, and reliable quantification to support assay development. The deeper sample wells of the system are designed for workflows that require larger reaction volumes for pooling, certain sample prep procedures, or other specialized protocols such as in food and industrial testing, and human and veterinary pathogen detection. The solution can multiplex up to five targets simultaneously and supports fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) applications. The systems deliver uniform thermal cycling and powerful software, which can be linked to Bio-Rad's platform, providing remote setup, instrument monitoring, and cloud data management capabilities.

"We are witnessing an increasing demand for improved real-time PCR systems that offer more efficient workflows and enhanced data management and analysis," said Steven Blakely, Director for Gene Expression and Software Technology, Bio-Rad. "We're pleased to expand our portfolio of CFX Opus detection systems with the deepwell format to help researchers perform experiments more efficiently and to consistently deliver robust datasets."

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