New offering for drug metabolism studies

7th November 2017

Lonza has announced its new offering of Silensomes Human Liver Microsomes (HLM) products – pooled human liver microsomes for in vitro cytochrome P450 (CYP) phenotyping. CYP phenotyping is a regulatory requirement for new drug candidates to understand their metabolism and to predict drug-drug interactions.

The new products provide researchers a fully characterised pre-made solution for CYP phenotyping, resulting in more consistent and reliable results.

The range includes seven cryopreserved human liver microsomes pools that are each pre-treated with a mechanistic-based inhibitor targeting a single CYP enzyme. This chemical inactivation is mechanism-based and irreversible, giving researchers confidence that their results are accurate and reliable. Each of the seven CYP Silensomes HLM are packaged as Silensomes CYP Phenotyping Kits to include a production-matched control microsome that was treated the same way without the inhibitor. A panel consisting of all seven Silensomes HLM with a single matched control is also available.

This new product offering is a result fo Lonza's recent agreement with Biopredic International and strengthens the firm's position as a leading supplier of ADME-Tox products for scientists working in drug development. The addition of Silensomes HLM products expands the extensive ADME-Tox portfolio, which includes fresh and cryopreserved human and animal primary hepatocytes, specialized media and cell culture systems.

“With regulatory authorities specifying CYP phenotyping as part of the drug development process, we wanted to support scientists working in this area by offering more-reliable and easier-to-use models,” says Maureen Bunger, product manager for ADME-Tox Solutions at Lonza. “Our Silensomes HLM products are supplied in a ready-to-use format and provide a single in vitro solution for CYP phenotyping, helping to simplify drug metabolism studies for researchers.”





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