Stem cells in large batch sizes

Lonza has expanded its human stem cell offerings to provide human cord blood CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (CB-CD34+ HSCs) in large batch sizes, meeting a critical and rapidly expanding market need. Lots in a range of sizes are also now available with high-resolution HLA-type information, removing the requirement for cumbersome HLA screening after lot purchase. CB-CD34+ HSCs are the preferred cell choice for creating humanised mouse models, which are critical for preclinical safety testing of a range of immunotherapies. The new offering enables mouse model developers and researchers to increase cohort sizes for bolstered model-creating capacity, simplify HLA-matched model creation, and unlock cost and time efficiencies.

Humanised mice are a powerful tool for exploring how novel cancer biotherapies interact with a human-specific immune system comprising different and interacting cell types. Across the market, there is a lack of large batch sizes of these cells, restricting the number of humanised mice that can be generated per cell lot. In addition, to maximise in vivo predictivity and accuracy of results, it is beneficial for mouse models to be carefully HLA matched to the grafted tumor tissue. Without ready-typed cells available, companies face lengthy in-house HLA screening that can add weeks to timelines, with no guarantee that an unscreened batch will contain the desired HLA type.

Now Lonza is able to offer a reliable and consistent supply of large-batch CB-CD34+ HSCs, as well as ready-typed cell lots in various sizes. As a result, customers can create larger mouse model cohorts of the exact HLA-type they need, expanding testing throughput capabilities and unlocking predictive results more quickly and at a significantly lower cost. The breadth of the inventory will also allow researchers to obtain all their CB-CD34+ HSCs from a single supplier, ensuring consistency and reliable quality in their processes.

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