Manage waste medicines and ensure compliance

Now available from Alpha Laboratories is the Safer Options range of controlled drug denature kits which can help safely manage waste medicines and comply with legislation more easily and effectively.

Manufactured in the UK, these denature kits are simple and easy to use. Waste medicines - tablets, liquids, patches etc. - are placed in the jar with the water-soluble sachet of denaturing formula. Water is then added to the designated level and the jar closed and shaken to mix the denaturing formula with the water and controlled drugs.

The denaturing formula congeals and denatures the drugs in a couple of minutes and the kit can then be placed in a secure pharmaceutical waste container prior to incineration. The denaturing formula has a bitter taste as an additional deterrent and is contained in a sachet to protect against spillage.  Full instructions appear on every container so there is no pack insert to get lost, especially when splitting up multipacks for use in separate locations.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations (2001) obsolete controlled drugs (CDs) must be destroyed by being denatured and rendered irretrievable before being placed into pharmaceutical waste containers. These new controlled drugs denature kits are an innovative solution helping hospitals, pharmacies, hospices, care homes and other healthcare providers to safely manage waste medicines and comply with this legislation. 

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