New pipette tips

Nerbe plus Premium Surface low retention pipette tips are now available in the UK exclusively from Alpha Laboratories. These top-quality tips are optimised for the highest precision and reproducibility in a pipetting cycle. The ultra-smooth hydrophobic surfaces prevent loss of material through adsorption and reduces DNA denaturation. These qualities improve efficiencies of test sequences by cutting down on costs associated with expensive reagents.
The accuracy of Premium Surface tips is not affected by the physical properties of the sample, enabling users to achieve perfect results in liquid handling, even when dealing with challenging solutions.
The viscosity, volatility, surface tension and temperature of a solution in particular can negatively influence pipetting quality. Viscous liquids such as glycerol leave residues in the tip during pipetting. This adversely affects the accuracy and precision of the desired result. With Premium Surface tips this is no longer a problem. Material loss of valuable reagents and denaturation of DNA are therefore a thing of the past.
The tips deliver continuous residue-free pipetting. They provide users with maximum precision and accuracy when aspirating and dispensing sample material, to ensure the best results.
Premium Surface tips are made from medical-grade PP granules giving them unparalleled transparency. The filter tip options contain sophisticated filter material with optimum pore density. Their universal fit means they are compatible with all common pipettes on the market, either single or multichannel models.

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