Hygienic lab benches and tables

Teknomek, the hygienic furniture specialist, has released new highly resilient lab tables and wall benches that combine 316-grade stainless steel bases with Trespa TopLab surfaces. The new product set has been developed in line with an industry trend towards the use of autoclaves, more concentrated disinfectants and a higher frequency of atomised or vaporised hydrogen peroxide sterilisation routines.  

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, comments: “304 grade stainless steel has – historically - been perfectly sufficient for lab and cleanroom furniture. However, if the current direction of travel for cleaning procedures in this sector continues, the ISO 14644 compliance standard for cleanroom class 5 should be viewed as a bare minimum.  

“The move towards more rigorous sterilisation and clean down routines could reduce the effective lifetime – and thus total cost of ownership – of all but the most robust fixtures and fittings. The demand for bespoke 316-grade furniture suggested the time was right to introduce higher grade options to our standard options.”    

The full complement of standard static and freestanding Trespa TopLab tables are now available with 316-grade bases. All come at a standard height of 900mm and with a range of options on depth and width. The wall benches feature inset rear legs and integrated upstands to sit flush against the wall and as many units as required can be joined together for a seamless run. 

The new products maintain the same intelligent design features as the previous models to ensure quick clean efficiencies. This includes an additional 300mm ground clearance for easier access beneath and diamond bracing to remove dirt traps. Customers can also choose a diamond rear rail or a Trespa TopLab Base undershelf on all tables. 

Springett concludes: “Products in our Trespa series have been amongst our biggest sellers since we introduced the partnership two years ago. This is with good reason, TopLab surfaces are a great option for cleanrooms and labs thanks to an enviable combination of excellent chemical resistance, durability, antimicrobial and antistatic qualities. We continue to pay close attention to the changing needs of our customers and will be announcing further products in our Trespa line in the near future.”  

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